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Sam Sarkar is a content writer & copywriter who we find amazing when it comes to do the research and writing about various tech topics and fitness, helping all size of businesses to create a great piece of content. She is a certified content writer and has been working with Wiredreviewz for more than two years now. She has contributed extensively to the Wiredreviewz. Among other works, Sam loves to code and learn new languages to educate herself and grow. Here is a link to the latest articles she has written.

From Sam..,

My journey as a writer had its inception long way back. But it is when I helped my brother to grow his start up by writing blogs and content for his business, that I decided to monetize my skills and aid other businesses too. This is how my freelancing journey started in 2019 and since then I have helped numerous clients in creating brand awareness,
building long-term relationship with the ideal audience and gaining their trust and, converting visitors into customers.

I have an insightful knowledge about consumer psychology and content marketing which adds to my forte as a writer and comprehensive researcher.

Hobbies: And yes I enjoy reading books and spending time with my guitar.

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