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Reviews are based on our research. Wired Reviewz may get a commission if you use our links to buy. Learn more.

About Wired Reviewz

Wired Reviewz is a product review website founded by Mohit Sharma in February 2019. In the first year of its launch, the company was able to attract a good number of traffic and also started making revenue from different affiliate commission programs. As of 2022, the company has around 10 employees working predominantly in the content writing and editing team.

Wired Reviewz is an online consumer guide, based on the idea of helping people who want to purchase a product in a particular category and just need help choosing the best option. Predominantly, we cover gadgets, gears, electronics, and home products. We like to help people find great things, quickly and easily with the intention to help our readers and save their time from unnecessary stress and the effort involves in shopping. We make research-driven, powerful, unbiased product reviews and recommendations. 

We entertain questions like “what TV do I get?”, “what A.C do I buy?”, “Which are the best Bluetooth headphones?” etc. We spend hours researching and sometimes testing these products and form a long article to come on with the single best product recommendation within those categories and tell you what you should buy, in terms of quality, features, and price. The core of our work is research and not words.

We also understand currently there’s a confusing fragmented environment where people have to figure out which site to go to, for any given product to read reviews. For us, it’s our reader and the quality of work that always comes first. We publish our product recommendations regardless if we have established an affiliate relationship with the companies that produce the recommended product or not. We delve deeply into the research of the product to find the single best of any category.

We also try to make sure to only list the retailers, which we believe, have good return policies, are reputable and their customer service should be good. We keep our recommendations very honest and truthful as we do not want to betray the trust of our readers. Contact us to know more.