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All about Facebook ads and ads manager

Introduction to Facebook Ads


Hi, welcome back to my channel, I’m Mohit, and TODAY, I’m going to start a series of Facebook ads tutorials from the begining. If you own a business, its imperative to go online, to go digital and what’s best than Facebook & Instagram platforms which has the largest audience size to showcase your product and do branding, product sales and increase your business revenue by multiple folds. Even if you dont own a business, but works in the digital marketing sector, you’re going to learn a lot from these upcoming Facebook ads tutorials. So just follow the videos to learn everything step-by-step about how to run facebook ads on various objectives like awareness, traffic campaigns, post engagement campaigns, lead generation campaigns, app installation, and finally the most popular and highly used objective which is sales/conversion campaigns to help scale the number of orders on your website.

I will cover each objective and I will show you exactly how to create these campaigns, from selecting the right objective, to setting up the demographics, choosing the right targeting, the audience, ad scheduling, budgets, bids, placements, and setting up the ad itself (meaning the creative asset, if its a static, or a video or a carousel ad, the sizes, the adapts, the copy (which means primary text, headline, description, choosing the right call to action button which is called CTA (call to action), putting the right URL tracking so that you can see in Google analytics to know accurate results as to which adset or audience set is giving you the best results in your campaign and finally publishing your ad so Facebook can review it and approves it to go Live.

So to run facebook ads, we first need to create a facebook business manager account. And this we will do by going to business.facebook.com/overview. Find the link in the description. And do not forget to make sure that you are already logged in to your personal facebook profile, before you go to business.facebook.com/overview. Now once you’re inside, just put in your business name, your name and your email and submit. I can not show you page by page how to setup business manager because I already have it setup but its very easy self-explanatory information that you just need to fill and your business manager will be created in a matter of minutes. Once its created, you need to create an ad account and a facebook page as well, if you do not have the page already. go to the settings, ….”just check the navigation”. In your business manager, you need to link your facebook page, your newly created ad account and your instagram account to the business manager in order to run ad campaigns. Show navigation…

A question here, so how does facebook learn what is working for your campaign what is not and how to optimize the campaigns by capturing the right data.. through facebook pixel, yes facebook pixel that need to be setup and linked with your ad account, this is very important, I strongly recommend to not go Live on your ads if pixel is not ready and linked to the ad account because Facebook will not be able to optimize your campaigns if your pixel is not in place. If you have a shopify website, it is easy to link the pixel, ad account, business account, facebook page everything to the shopify panel. I will make a separate video showing you how to do this. Even if you dont have a shopify website, it is still easy to link the Facebook pixel. I wont go through in depth on the pixel topic but I will answer questions if you face any problem in linking the pixel with your facebook ad account. Just drop your question in the comment section. You can also add people in your business manager to invite them to handle your ad account/page etc. You can limit thier role to employee or editor or you can give them full access by making them the admin so they’ll have full control of your ad campaign.

Another important thing to remember to add here is billing information without which Facebook will not allow you to run ads. Just simply go to the billing section, add your debit or credit card, verify it and you’ll be good to go.

So this is it about the Meta business account, the ad account, the page, the pixel. If you have any questions, pls ask I’ll be happy to answer. Now we’ll head to the ad manager where we usually create, monitor and manage all the campaigns. This is the place where you need to be after setting up all the things we just discussed. Now here we are at the ads manager, there are 3 levels, campaign level, adset level and ads level. Lets look at the objectives that Facebook allows you to run your ads on. Let’s look at them one by one.