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Should Running Shoes be Tight or Loose? Brooks, Nike and ASICS

should running shoes be tight or loose

Should Running Shoes be Tight or Loose?

Running shoes should be snug but not too tight or too loose. Here are a few guidelines to help you determine the right fit:

  1. Toes: When trying on running shoes, make sure you have enough room in the toe box for your toes to move freely. You should have about a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  2. Heel: The heel of your running shoe should fit snugly and not slip. Your heel should not move up and down when you walk or run.
  3. Arch: The arch of the shoe should support your foot’s natural arch and not be too tight or too loose.
  4. Laces: The laces should be tight enough to keep your foot secure, but not so tight that they cause discomfort or restrict blood flow.
  5. Length: The length of the shoe should be appropriate for your foot size and not be too long or too short.

It’s important to try on running shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest and to wear the socks you will be using for running. It’s also recommended to walk or run around in the shoes to make sure they are comfortable and provide adequate support for your feet.


The best running shoes for women

After hours of researching and testing the best trail running shoes for women, we’ve picked a few trails running shoes including Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 and ASICS Women GEL-Venture 5 as our top picks and Skechers Go Run Ride 7 as our budget pick. We looked at the design, comfort, support, weight, and style as they proved the best running shoes for women.

Best trail running shoes for women: Brooks Running Shoes Adrenaline GTS 18

Brooks Women Adrenaline GTS 18 is our second-best choice as it puts more focus on the functionality of shoes rather than looks.

The shoe is light-weighted with a superb grip giving a high level of support to your feet.

The shoe has a soft foam, giving a cushioning effect and allowing the feet to have more natural mobility when in action. The shoe is upgraded with the BioMoGo DNA midsole providing flexibility. The shoe has a roll bar that takes away the pain and gives a more secure heel-to-toe transition.

Where they lack

The only drawback is, brooks running shoes do not have wide options in terms of colors. Though the new grooved treads add to the durability of shoes sometimes, these grooves can collect stones in them.

Bottom line

The shoes are almost too soft which can also be treated as one drawback of the shoe. But the affordable prices of these shoes will crave you pick them up and will carry you through some serious miles. These are our second-best trail running shoes for women

Second-best trail running shoes for women: ASICS Women GEL-Venture 5

ASICS Women GEL Venture-5 is the best choice any girl can pick for the best running shoes for women. When it comes to these particular shoes, you don’t have to give a second thought to your choice as they’re known for their superior design and pleasant features. And it is one of the best cheap women’s running shoes available right now.

What it provides

When it comes to flexibility and support, ASICS women running shoes is a perfect choice. The GEL cushioning and Dynamic Duomax cushioning in the shoe provides shock absorption offering a high level of support to your feet and ankles as you run.

It is been observed many times when a shoe is worn for more hours, it starts irritating but the interior of this shoe is designed with FluidFit which not only reduces irritation but also gives a perfect fit. We tested it by running on a treadmill and on-road as well for at least a mile distance.

The superior insoles & outsoles of these shoes will protect your feet too. These shoes are meant not just for running but for any cross-training activities too. They offer a good level of flexibility that is hard to find in many other running shoes.

Design & Color

One more feature that attracts women to this shoe is the wide variety of colors the shoe is available. It is worth investing in V5, as they’re capable enough to make you run with confidence giving a high level of support and protection to your feet. The shoe is a heavy-duty performer and is a great pick for long-term use. In Wirecutter tests also, it proved the best.

Bottom line

Talking about the price of these shoes, yes they’re high comparatively and probably a reason why one might think a little before buying them but the shoes are valued for money. It will prove to be a smart choice and that’s the reason it is our best pick. See here for the best cheap running shoes for men.

Cheap trail running shoes for women: Sketchers GoRun Ride 7

Sketchers Go Run Ride 7 is a good choice if you’re a budget constraint. The shoe costs $85 only from Amazon. The reason for this shoe becoming everyone’s word-of-mouth is its highly cushioned training shoe feature offering a plush, slipper-like feel and a sock-like fit for a good price making the shoe extremely comfortable.


The shoe has a seamless upper, cloudlike footbed, and springiness. The shoe is light-weighted. This model is certainly our cheap women’s running shoes.

Where they lack

The shoe lacks down in certain areas because of the narrow fit, reduced ground feel, and not-so-great traction on slick surfaces. The pillow-like sole of these shoes is winning the heart of everyone.

Bottom line

If the opting color is your thing, you will again, not find many choices. People with wide feet might find it a little narrow and uncomfortable though. Bottom line is that, though Skechers women running trainers are durable and affordable and will be liked by many.

Also consider: Brooks Running Shoes Ghost 11 Running Shoes

The biggest selling point for Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Running Shoes has been its roomy interior. The wrong size or less toe space can actually cause a lot of damage. The cushioning of the shoe helps the runner transition easily with adequate bounce. The heel strikers in the shoe are highly accommodating and made the whole running experience much better than its previous version. One of the best trail running shoes for women.


The shoe is lightweight and effortless to run in. The less weight a shoe requires, the better the experience gets in long-term races or marathons. This is also one of our best cheap women’s running shoes.

The daily run experience is made easy and comfortable with the Brooks running shoes, said one of the regular runners. The arch support is highly recommended by quite a few users, whose experiences have been better compared to other neutral running shoes.

It is more flexible and softer than its previous versions. Adequate cushioning in the midsole helps avoid muscle stiffness and foot pain. Why would one want a shoe that causes pain?

It has earned a reputation for being the perfect match for both running and walking. Few of the runners who tried this shoe recommended it for people with knee issues or pain.

Price & Drawback

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 running shoes are a little expensive for a lot of buyers who run regularly and replace shoes in shorter intervals. Also, the shoe seems a little bulky attributed to its high-heel-to-toe-drop. The shoelaces are short. The upper doesn’t seem to be as durable as the shoe claims.

The bottom line

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Running Shoes have amazing features and functionality. People who shifted from other brands to Brooks found buying it again. The price is a little on the upper side for a lot of people though.


Should you get a female-specific shoe?

How to choose the best pair of running shoes?

How we tested

What should be kept in mind while selecting running shoes?

Should you get a female-specific shoe?

Well, the answer is yes. You have to factor in the anatomical differences between men and women. It becomes all the more important as the needs are also very specific. Women have narrower heel bones and lower ankle bones and can easily develop pain and stiffness in the front toe area.

How to choose the best pair of running shoes?

Women running shoes

Nobody would want bruises, blisters, or stiffness in the toe because of the wrong running shoes. Choosing the right pair is as important as consulting a doctor before taking any medication.

There are a lot of reasons why one might end up buying shoes that don’t fit. One of them can be the price range. 

Here are a few things that one must look at while buying the right pair of shoes.

Also, we repeat, never buy the wrong shoe for it can affect your feet in ways you might not even know.

Upper Portion: Everything that falls above the insole like; the tongue and laces comes under the upper portion. This is usually made up of layers of knitted fabric or Mesh. Now, you’d think about why it is so important to consider this when buying a pair of running shoes.

To answer your question, it is important to see if the upper portion matches the shape of your foot and isn’t suppressing or worse, pinching your toe. This might cause injuries while running and can also affect your toenails. These things might take a lot of time to heal and aren’t great for a regular runner.

Outsole: The outsole is the bottom-most layer that stays in contact with the ground. While running, there’s a lot of friction between your shoe and the ground. The wrong outsole can cause tripping or slipping which might result in severe injuries.

Insole: The cushion layer that supports your foot, particularly the arch is the insole of the shoe. It is very important as discomfort while running can affect your performance and can also damage your feet. If you can’t find a shoe whose insoles match your feet, buy a pair of removable insoles to maintain the balance and provide extra support.

Midsole: The midsole is the bulk of any running shoe. It’s the layer of foam between the insole and outsole. It is important to buy a shoe with the right midsole as it absorbs shock and makes your run comfortable. Not enough foam can result in ankle aches or worse, knee aches. And a lot of foam might just make the shoe too heavy for running.

Ankle Collar: The cushion wrap at the top of the shoe where you insert your feet is the ankle collar. As the name suggests, it provides support to your ankles and holds your heel in place. Ankle wrap should not only be comfortable but the right size to keep your feet in the shoe. Your heels shouldn’t just slip out of the shoe. This can have repercussions in the long run.

Heel Counter: A small insert beneath the insole is the heel counter. Its basic job is to reduce the rotation of your foot within the shoe. If you need a lot of support, choose a shoe with a sturdy heel counter and if you don’t need much support you can also choose shoes with no heel counter as well.

Saddle: The reinforced bit on the upper portion is the saddle also known as the arch. It works with the laces to keep your feet in place. It shouldn’t be too tight as it can bruise your feet. It should fit perfectly like the upper portion of the shoe.

Toe Box: The front portion of the shoe where your toe resides is the toe box. A toe box should fit comfortably; making sure that your toes don’t overlap or collide. This will not only make it uncomfortable but can cause a lot of injuries.

Forefoot Cushioning: Cushioning from the front of the shoe to the arch in the midsole is forefoot cushioning. It is important for your feet’s comfort and also, less cushioning can make you hit the floor harder and affect your feet.

Heel Cushioning: The cushioning in the midsole from the arch to the heel of the shoe is the heel cushioning. Your heel cushioning should make your stride feel stable. If your feet are sensitive, look for something that is more padded at the heels.

Flex Grooves: Placed on the forefoot portion of the shoe, these help the outsole to bend like a foot might naturally bend. It is necessary to get a shoe that lets you move and bend the way you feel.

Heel-toe drop: This is the difference between heel cushioning and forefoot cushioning. It is important to have a proper heel-toe drop to make you comfortable and also, you aren’t buying high heels, are you?

How do we test?

We ordered all three shoes and ran the following tests:

  • Tested all of them by running on a treadmill and road for at least a mile.
  • We got 9 females to try on the shoes and rate them on fitting and comfort.
  • We gave these shoes to 16 women to try over 5 weeks and run at least 15 miles. These women ran an average of 30.3 miles.

We checked the shoe for all the parameters mentioned above. The opinions of the runners were taken into consideration before giving out a review. After running in the same shoes for 5 weeks, the testers provided their valuable feedback.

They also told us if they would want to continue using the shoes. This testing method enabled us to have an insight into how a runner would choose a shoe and which shoe out of the list will they prefer.

These women were also made aware that the feedback affects the majority and is not only about their training purposes. The outcome was worthwhile. The right shoes are really important as injuries induced while running has affected a lot of women worldwide, including famous athletes.

We sometimes don’t realize that we are self-inducing certain injuries over a period that might affect our running regime and also movement. So, look for all the pointers above before choosing a running shoe. Even if you are a beginner, don’t settle for the wrong fit, it will affect your training.

What should be kept in mind while selecting running shoes?

Major factors while selecting the right kind of shoes for yourself.


It plays a major role in running shoes. The more flexible the shoes are, the more freely you can run, meaning thereby, the shoes must have a deeper groove that can provide great flexibility. It should give a smooth and natural toe-off motion to the feet. Many runners agree that a little less foam in the cushioning of a running shoe goes a long way.


It is the second most important factor when choosing shoes. The arch, ball of the foot, and toes of women have different shapes and sizes and therefore, the shoes must give a comfort level to the feet.


Every runner invests in shoes for the long term. So, the hoes must have a strong and solid build giving long durability.

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