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Best Men’s Running Shoes 2023 including Nike, Asics, and Brooks

best men's running shoes

Best men’s running shoes 2023

There is no one “best” running shoe for all men, as the right shoe for you will depend on several factors, such as your running style, foot shape, and the type of surface you run on.

It’s important to try on several different running shoes to determine which one works best for you, as shoes can feel different on your feet than they do on others. Additionally, it’s important to have your feet measured and your gait analyzed by a specialist at a running store, as this can help you determine the best shoe for your specific needs.

You only have to have a good pair of running shoes, yet it can seem like a difficult task to pick up the best men running shoes. You could choose–from thick-soled maximalist trainers to lightweight and fast racetracks shoes.

We have come through our top selected and the best running shoes for men pick considering every parameter of being the best shoe.

Men’s running shoes ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20

The cheapest running shoes online in our top pick are these men’s trail running shoes. The Asics shoe gives you a better fit and additional comfort, thanks to its multiple levels of cushioning which is combined with FluidRidemid-sole, FlyteFoam middle layer, and SpevaFoam top-layer midsole.

These multiple levels of cushioning, together, increase the rebound properties and decrease the midsole breakdown. Asics is an elite-level shoe, for sure; it comes with a daily trainer’s capabilities and designs.

Product Details:

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20, is loaded with good FlyteFoam cushioning, FluidRide Midsole, and discreet eyelet construction, which is perfect for all grade runners. Asics gradient jacquard-mesh FluidFit upper adapts to the natural movement of your feet and 3D-printed overlays offer a customized fit.

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 is built with good-quality materials and looks strong and durable. The new version of this running shoe isn’t as good as its predecessor, although the shoe is made robust. The upper is thoroughly attached, and the outsole is protected against any wear and tear.

However, a new lacing system on the shoes has a minor durability issue. The foam below is too soft and not well attached to the upper material.

All things said, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  1. It has an admiring design.
  2. Asics Gel Nimbus 20 has a wide range of color variations.
  3. It provides excellent support on different surfaces during a run.
  4. It is lightweight and has a breathable upper.
  5. The cushioning of the shoe is incredible and very responsive and flexible.
  6. The fit is perfect and it felt comfortable to wear.
  7. It provides better heel lockdown and heel stability.

4 reasons not to buy

  1. Some of the users said that the toe box was narrow.
  2. It has minimal arch support and the laces are difficult to adjust.
  3. The shoe has a stiffer footbed when compared to the previous models.
  4. One of the runners felt a little pain in the Achilles and calves area.


Bottom Line:

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 provides a pleasant and smooth-running experience. It is a good pair of running shoes for those who often run on the road and need a highly-cushioned shoe that also has an elegant design and comes in solid color options.

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 will not disappoint in both short and long distances with a weight of 306 grams for men and 264 grams for women.

While several buyers said it had a narrow toe-box, some commented that it fit perfectly. Some of them were even misled by their stiff footbed. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of buyers said the Asics Gel Nimbus 20 is an excellent choice and it proved the same in our testing as well.

Second-best men running shoes Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Work out wearing this pair of men’s running shoes for sale and you would definitely enjoy your workout sessions. The shoe has a high-quality mesh top that will keep your feet comfortable for long hours and provide responsive cushioning.

The durable rubber sole is slip-resistant, ensuring that no accidents occur. For a full sports feel, you could team it up with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Product Details:

These men running shoes Nike Cross Trainer variants prove, again, that sticking to the basics can never be a bad idea. The shoe is very comfortable to wear. It is boosted by the padding conveniently added in the rear section of the upper, which gives a close fit to hold the shoe from slipping off.

They are also solidly built with a comfortable midsole and a durable outsole that performs on all kinds of terrain and under all weather conditions. This pair is also one of the cheapest running shoes online.

The range of color options that you have is just an added factor. Nike shoes get the job done, cool, fashion-forward, trendy, and incredibly useful; with all this it makes you look good too! So if you’re planning to pair this with your morning runs and evening workouts, here are the best men’s running Nike shoes you should check out.

In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy these men running shoes Nike

  1. Nike trainers looked cool and endearing.
  2. ‘Comfortable’ was a word that many of the testers used to describe their time while wearing this running shoe.
  3. It is affordable to buy also for a beginner runner.
  4. The padding in the rear section of the upper is good because it helped in securing running feet and preventing unintentional shoe removals.
  5. The weight of this shoe was suitably light and its cushioning is good.
  6. The underfoot experience was agreeable, some commented shoes felt like walking barefoot in comparison.
  7. The midsole generally stayed efficient for many consumers, even after they’ve used this shoe many times.

Bottom Line:

The Nike Cross Trainers is a 5-star for most people who want to buy only a running shoe. Many runners thought shoe cushioning was strong, their cover system was secure and the outsole could safely handle traction.

Many warned that in terms of size it was a bit smaller; others thought the upper fabric was too thin, but all in all, great trainers.

Cheap running shoes for men: Under Armour Charged Rouge Men’s Running Shoes

The Engineered mesh top is extremely lightweight & breathable for runners who require flexibility, with strategic support. The Under Armour Charged Rouge is equipped with an external heel counter for additional support, to maintain the back of the foot locked in place.

Dual-density midsole combine Micro G foam with cushioning for the perfect mix of comfort and explosive energy return.

A removable, comfortable sock liner offers a relaxed and responsive riding experience. A solid rubber outsole protects high-impact areas for greater durability with 360-degree reflectivity in low-light runs.

Product Details:

The Under Armour engineered mesh upper is extremely lightweight and breathable and gives strategic support where you need it.

Under Armour is made Lightweight, it has an external heel counter for additional support that keeps the back of the foot locked in place.

The shoe midsole use compression moulded foam for even greater responsiveness and durability, providing optimal cushioning and energy output. Its solid rubber outsole covers high-impact zones for greater durability with less weight.

In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Its lightweight structure was well-liked by many buyers.
  • It is supportive and responsive.
  • The shoe is reliable for gym and treadmill activities.
  • The Under Armour Charged Rogue is a good-looking shoe and has a perfect fit.
  • The majority of the users loved the breathable coverage of the upper.
  • A good number of buyers noted its excellent cushioning.
  • The shoe’s affordable price at this price range compared with other shoes in the segment.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The shoe runs small according to some buyers.
  • The Under Armour Charged Rogue netting rips out in a short time, observed by a handful of buyers.

Bottom Line:

Most customers have been happy and satisfied with the lightweight design, built and comfort of the Under Armour Charged Rogue. With its build, they loved the support and breathable material of the shoe. Although some have issues with size, most buyers gave thumbs up to these Under Armour running shoes. It is a good choice for those finding an economical yet reliable running shoe.

Also consider: ASICS Men’s GT-2000 6 Running Shoes

This Asics Men’s GT-2000 6 is the ultimate shoe for hyper-pronators.

The shoe GEL cushioning is visible in the rear, while its inbuilt FluidRide technology provides both rebound and cushioning qualities, with lighter weight and extraordinary durability.

It has a 10 mm lower heel and dynamic Duomax which improves stability and support with reduced weight and increased platform support.

Asics Flyte-Foam technology provides enhanced cushioning and excellent rebound and responsiveness no matter the distance, using organic super fibers to minimize packing out that traditionally happens with softer, low-density foams.

Product Details:

The new upper mesh model offers a fresh look, while a brand-new FlyteFoam sole lowers weight and cushions each landing. The forefoot has opened up to reduce pain and increases the comfort of the shoe for all feet.

The top material is made for better heel fit and a little more toe spring helps with a smoother energy transfer through feet to the ground, keeping you fixed with the platform. The ASICS GT-2000 6 is built for all distances, and levels and for anyone who wants comfort and durability in a single running shoe.

In summary, this is what runners think:

6 reasons to buy

  1. The shoe provides excellent support for overpronation
  2. We found the shoe was lighter than its predecessor.
  3. The shoe supported the arches precisely.
  4. Asics GT-2000 6 midsole gave a well-balanced ride.
  5. It is available in various width profiles.
  6. The heel grip was ultra-secure.

3 reasons not to buy

  1. There was excessive friction against the ball of the foot, no matter what socks are worn, experienced by one wearer.
  2. Not as stable as the earlier releases of GT 2000.
  3. We felt that the forefoot area was quite narrow and that it hindered adequate air circulation.

Bottom Line:

Although the Asics GT 2000 6 received mixed reviews, the users were pleased with the practical arch support and the balanced cushioning. Likewise, many users thought it was not as comfortable as the previous version. Overall, it is a correct running shoe, but some changes were still required.


How we tested

How we picked

How we tested

We have the most comprehensive shoe testing process among all our peers. We test shoes for real-world problems.

For testing the shoes on all the grounds, we worked with over 350 local runners of all abilities, ages, and weights and make them run on cemented roads, dirt paths, and rocky single-track trails.

Our test runners report their answers on grounds such as health, comfort, quality, and riding after a month of regular use of a shoe.

On each pair of shoes, the average runner runs 52.8 miles – no slackers here!

While our runners are placing miles on the shoes, other testers were subjected to mechanical testing in our shoe lab to measure the cushions, flexibility, sole thickness, and weight of each shoe factually.

This mechanical testing in the shoe lab gives scientific outcomes which a normal person won’t find out.

Research editors combine their shoe expertise with laboratory data and feedback from the runner to provide accurate and practical input on every shoe we research.

The shoes were tested by our runners three times: upon first putting them on, after a first run, and at the end of the experiment.


The shoe’s ability to absorb or soften the impact of the ground. We asked our test runners to rate both the padding feel as well as the quality of each shoe cushioning they tried.


It is defined as “the quality of reacting quickly and positively”. Our testers considered both how they feel about each shoe’s responsiveness and did they like their experience.

Ground feel:

Shoe padding must protect your feet against the ground. But sometimes if you are running on a hard surface a small stone felt like a mountain. To observe any irregularities we asked our runners to test the shoes on every ground surface whether soft, hard, or muddy.

Shoe fit:

Our runners checked how their shoes had changed over time in size, width, and overall fit. To see whether the shoe maintains its fit even after using it for months straight and how long it lasted.

Sole and upper support:

A good running shoe must support the entire foot of a runner without stress or pressure points. It’s not supposed to feel too gentle or too rigid either. Runners are asked to rate the sole and upper support separately to know the key elements of the health and comfort of each shoe.


We avoided picking super-heavy shoes. We know how the weight of the shoe directly affects the health of your feet. That’s the reason why we only have chosen the shoe which is light-weight on our list.


We asked runners for their thoughts on the visual appearance of a shoe, and whether their shoes look attractive to wear on not.

How we picked

Men running shoes

We surveyed almost 50 pairs of running shoes, and so did our experts. Next, we have gone individually to read about each shoe from popular sites like Runner’s World, Running Shoes Guru, T3 and RunRepeat.

In our list, we were looking for shoes that were cushioned as well as responsive (i.e., the “rebound” effect).

Those two features frequently conflict: Extra cushioning would probably absorb the impact of each running step. On the other side, responsiveness measures the agility and quality of a shoe. Although to get both these things in a single shoe is hard to believe.

We were only attracted by the shoes that promised both features.

Our shoe experts recommend we choose a lightweight shoe each time, and also which is strong enough to last long and also worth every penny spent on it.

We have maintained most of the shoes on the list which fit this description, but since certain runners choose less heel cushioning and a flatter sole, we also ensured we keep several options with a lower and no heel-to-toe drop.

A piece of advice is worth to listen:

Running in good shoes can help you perform your best and help prevent injuries in the long term. A good shoe also affects your whole body, not just your feet. If you haven’t tried a good running shoe and hustling to improve you are running with a bad shoe, it’s time you should take care of your overall health.

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