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Duffle Bag for Gym: Under Armour & Adidas Duffle Gym Bags

duffle bag for gym

Do you go to the gym every day? Then you also must be taking the necessary gym accessories with you! How are you carrying them, in a regular bag or In-hand?

You should carry them in a duffle bag for gym for men which keeps all your gym accessories and gear, including pants, gloves, bottles, shoes, and lifting straps in one place. We researched and shortlisted the best gym bags for men from trusted brands like Adidas and Under Armour.

Duffle bag for gym: Under Armour Storm Undeniable Gym Bag Duffle

If you’re shopping for a great duffle bag and also want your hands on a bag that is versatile yet at the same time could be used for multi-purpose. The Under Armour duffle bag for gym made with the most rugged and long-lasting material has numerous pockets and comes with different carrying options.

It offers UA Storm technology for an element-battling finish that is extremely water-resistant.

It is the best cheap gym bag for men, keeping a strength of 56L and consists of 100 per cent of main polyester fabric. It also has a heat gear that can be changed or removed, a padded shoulder strap and a padded handle which provides maximum comfort.

It also has a waterproof pocket that keeps your stuff safe and secure. Its larger pockets allow you to separate laundry and shoes from each other. While it can provide you with years of solidarity.


  • The bag is Lightweight and seemingly durable.
  • The bag is well designed and built.
  • It has sufficient size to carry items.
  • Convenient to carry both on the shoulder and as a backpack.
  • Separate compartments for ease in space.


  • Backpack straps cannot be tacked away.
  • Size does not use the maximum delivery for carry-on items from most airlines.
  • It doesn’t have a water bottle holder.
  • Come with limited colour options.

Should you buy it?

We think yes, certainly it could prove to be the best WingMan (bag) for me for years to come and it’s brand reputation, quality, and durability make it evergreen to hold. It’s the best gym bag we’ve tried so far. As a bonus: For your general travel, it is as good and convenient as any travel backpack.


We like this bag from Under Armour duffle bag for gym because it is still pretty big despite being considered it comes in a “small size”. It is of good quality overall and is one of the best gym bags for men. This is the first edition of this series of bags; in our view, this price is still justified.

The lightweight, yet versatile structure of the bag makes it ideal for all gym-goers regardless of age or design–it’s great for beginners, professionals, and advanced persons.

Second-best duffle bag for gym: Adidas Team Issue Duffle Bag

Adidas team issue duffle bag is a superb bag to bring comfort and convenience for gym sessions and weekend trips. This bag comes with a flexible, detachable shoulder strap enhanced by an Airmesh pad and soft-tricot-lined handles.

It features a ventilated compartment that helps separate smelly items from fresh clothes. It also comes with hydro shield surface technology that is water-resistant.

This Adidas gym bag for men is sturdy and quite large to hold your weight-lifting gear. The exterior material consists of synthetic material that will not snag on hooks and can certainly take a beating. We tested a medium size, which is perfect and it doesn’t feel as big as the other duffle, but it’s not as large as some bags either.

It has a large main compartment with an inner zippered pocket to keep your belongings. Also, it has a dual-adjustable removable shoulder strap with a padded air mesh pad and comfortable tricot-wrapped haul handles that make it easy to hold.

The zippers feel completely safe, and for small items, there are plenty of side pockets. If you want to throw in your running shoes or anything, the shoe pocket is given. A reversible belt for the back, top handles, and side straps help you carry it easily.


  1. It is made of acrylic, natural latex, polyester, elastane, and nylon which offer long-term durability.
  2. The large main compartment features an interior zippered pocket for your essentials
  3. The Mesh drop pocket on the other side provides additional storage
  4. Dual-adjustable interchangeable shoulder strap with padded air mesh pad and comfortable tricot-wrapped travel handles allow you to move your kit comfortably.
  5. Water-resistant Hydroshield material technology helps protect your gear from a wet field or gym floor


  1. Their “lifetime warranty” only lasts 5 years, and doesn’t cover a replacement bag.
  2. Its zippers are all funky

Should you buy it?

All in all, this Adidas Team Issue duffle purchase is very satisfying to us. This is one of the few bags that have straps for the backpack. (Helpful when you’re taking your bike to the gym and the backpack straps are needed to ride).

For more than a week, we kept enough clothes (plus an extra pair of shoes) with room to spare. The bag worked perfectly for the gym and a trip as well, assuming you don’t pack your dumbbells. This may be one of the best men’s cheap gym bags you can get your hands on.


This affordable gym bag is primarily for the gym and sometimes for your travel also. It proved good in our testing, had a comfortable experience with straps, and can be easily moved.

An additional distinctive feature to add to its versatility is its extra side haul handle. The black style looks sleek, which makes the bag look more professional for wear in a gym. It is also available in several colors (including black, orange, red, and others) to choose from.

Also consider: Herschel Supply Co. Sutton Mid-Volume Duffle Bag for Gym

If all you need is a simple duffle bag, Herschel Supply Co. is the best we’ve found. The stylish Herschel Supply Co duffle bag for gym comes in a variety of models, but this classic model continues to be the most common among buyers.

We were amazed to see how much we could pack into the 42L capacity bag and its internal mesh pocket and inspired shoe compartment.

If you’re more concerned about style than function, you probably should consider the Herschel Supply Co., which features an elegantly simple design that looks great and classy. For weekend getaways, it’s perfect, even though it’s not the most durable. However, a limited lifetime warranty supports all Herschel bags.

The bag does not have a shoe pocket or clothes splitter, so if you want to keep your dirty gear or wet towel apart, you may need to pair off the dry bag (or even a shopping bag). Oddly enough, Herschel put six tiny grommets on the bottom of the bag to let out moisture.

Sadly, the placement still makes plenty of moisture when you accidentally put the bag down on a wet spot or a coffee spill. For anyone who likes the internal body, one thing to note: The Mid-Volume Sutton has no internal pockets, but the bigger, just-plain Sutton Duffle has two pockets.


  1. Interior lined with Herschel’s signature coated cotton-poly fabric.
  2. The main compartment can hold all your overnight essentials.
  3. Two-way waterproof zipper with smooth leather pulls
  4. Reinforced and articulated carrying handles
  5. Removable padded webbing shoulder strap
  6. Small front pocket for easy access.


  1. Handholds were shorter or at the very least adjustable.
  2. It’s a bit too small for a weekend.
  3. It doesn’t have a shoe pocket or clothes divider.

Should you buy it?

Herschel’s gym bag looks good and is made in the right size to take to the gym every day, but there are concerns we found in quality. There are two clips (one per side) where the shoulder strap is attached to the belt.

These clips will squeak when you walk as the plastic rubs against itself. The shoulder strap is loose and could be detached completely if you put it heavyweight, leaving the bag with only handles. Overall, we’re happy with Herschel gym bags and you wouldn’t be disappointed.


For the gym, it’s a great duffle bag. This is good for fast runs to the gym and fits all gym stuff like a towel, shoes, changing clothes, etc. The material used is fine. The only problem is its Plastic connectors — it makes a squeaking noise while walking that’s kind of irritating. Overall, a strong bag for quick gym trips and vacation trips.


How did we pick the best gym bags for men

How we tested them

How did we pick?

We all have general ideas about what a gym duffle bag should be, but only a few brands made such bags that fit our needs. To find out, we did interviews with personal trainers, coaches, and other fitness persons. From there we found other strong points to pick the right bag for you.

We also have done a public survey of 100 people to see what others wanted from a duffle bag. The answers we found are- Interviewees said their dream duffle bag should be simple and inexpensive while still carrying a lot of items. If necessary, it should have a dedicated shoe or laundry pocket and some small pockets for miscellaneous stuff.

The small details are what distinguish each bag from another. All our picks in this article meet these criteria. For example, our top pick, the Under Armour gym bag uses long-lasting metal clamps for the shoulder strap, while others used plastic clasps.

As with anything likely to be pushed in and out of a closet, we’ve been searching for bags with no elements that can grab easily, like loose mesh pockets.

  • One aspect we had closely looked at in different bags and then we picked the right fit is — FUNCTIONALITY.
  • Many bags have more features than others–some have more interior compartments and some don’t. We in our picks don’t sacrifice storage space and comfort.
  • The bags we selected had to fit their general purpose. We also wanted to provide a variety of styles, while a separate aspect we looked at was FLEXIBILITY.
  • Many gym duffle bags are capable of serving several functions and we feel this is a plus point to have. Lastly, we also try to list only that bag which is worth BUYING and is meeting general requirements.

How do we test?

There are so many duffle bags in the market; almost two dozen gym bags have been checked by us. To find one that succeeds.

All gym bags are similar: they tend to consist of easy-to-wipe-down 600-denier nylon, with one main compartment, a shoulder strap, and a small pocket or mesh pouch smattering.

Truly speaking, your actual workout cannot be improved by any of these gym bags, but the right one can dramatically improve your time before and after a workout.

But as long as you keep in mind these common features, there isn’t difficulty to find a bag that fits your needs perfectly.

We carried out various tests for our Top 3 picks: Under Armour, Herschel, and Adidas. We placed these bags in a place where they are burned with full stress and strain.

Day after day, we used these bags to carry vegetables/groceries and put all gear all at once. The test that we think makes little impact but makes a significant difference when we torment the gym bag seven days a week are:

  • We let open the side pockets, which help the bag, stand up during packing.
  • We stretched the shoulder strap with full power.
  • We ruthlessly open and close zippers on small pockets.
  • We let the interior open and put smelly socks inside it.
  • We kept it over spilt water and tomato ketchup to see the stains afterwards.
  • We take it to crowdy places and kept it on the floor.
  • Yes, we even put dumbbells inside the bag.
  • We rubbed it against the walls and hooks to see wear and tear.

Comparing shoulder pads:

We compared brands like Adidas Gym Bag, Under Armour, Walmart Protege, and Everest Gym Bag— the last two were disqualified.

Once we properly tested them on your rough tests and compared them with the best standards. We swiped out those that were not-so-great products once we had them in our hands.

We used them— to the extreme, and found out which ones worked best.

(Result: Under Armour Storm, Undeniable Backpack is the winner).

Sadly, every bag we checked needs to be hand-washed. They have too many handles, layers, and easy-to-tear mesh pockets to try placing each one in a washing machine.

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