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Which Beard Trimmer Gives The Closest Shave? Remington, Wahl & Norelco

Which Beard Trimmer Gives The Closest Shave

Which Beard Trimmer Gives the Closest Shave?

The closeness of a shave you can get from a beard trimmer depends on several factors, including the type of blade, the blade’s sharpness, and the trimmer’s adjustments and settings. Here are some beard trimmers that are known for their ability to give a close shave:

  1. Philips Norelco OneBlade: This trimmer uses a unique, dual-sided blade that can trim and edge hair with precision, resulting in a very close shave.
  2. Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer: This trimmer has high-quality stainless steel blades that are designed to give a close, smooth shave. It also has a powerful motor and multiple adjustable settings to help you achieve the desired look.
  3. Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s Beard Trimmer: This trimmer has self-sharpening, surgical steel blades that provide a close and precise trim. The trimmer also features adjustable combs and settings to help you achieve the perfect length.

The best beard trimmers 2023

No two beard trimmers are the same because there are no two guys with the same needs. Some of these haircutters can do it all — although on a budget they may be more costly for some men.

Whatever the case may be, look into our top picks for the best haircutter reviews including Wahl Beard Trimmer (Stainless Steel 9818 Stubble), a professional beard trimmer. Let’s find out which beard trimmer gives the closest shave.

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Best beard trimmer: Wahl beard trimmer (Stainless Steel 9818)

Wahl beard trimmer is a remarkable addition to the beard grooming tools arsenal for any man. The Wahl beard trimmer review is the best we have done so far.

It gives the decisive power to trim and style your beard exactly as you want. We have found this trimmer doing well, as it sports a lithium-ion battery that provides twice the average torque.

This high torque will make it easy to zip through your trim without having to go over the same area several times.

Wahl Trimmer Features

This trimmer from Wahl is the finest, high-quality; stainless steel cordless trimmer with patented self-sharpening blades which is the best. The 9818 has an excellent feel in hand (although it can be slippery if you have hot, sticky, or greasy hands).

It is an excellent performer whether you have to cut a dense beard or do some precise detailing work.

What trimmer includes

This Wahl trimmer comes with a wide range of attachments to choose from for users. You could switch between them to achieve the look you precisely wanted. Wahl contains 12 guide combs, which allow you to choose from 13 cutting lengths from 0 (1/16) “to 8 (1”). This one-pound wireless unit features a handy case for storing all the accessories in a single place.

This beard trimmer is fitted with three more stainless steel blades (stainless lasts longer than carbon steel and is good for cutting thick hairs): the standard, precision T-blade, last the detail shaver used for outlining facial hairs.

However, it is important to note that due to the high efficiency of the motor and the sharpness of the blades, the Wahl beard trimmer still powers through longer hair and beards.

The Bottom Line

The unit is not waterproof, which makes it difficult to clean under the faucet. Luckily, this model comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The 3x 5.5x 10-inch dimensions of this model feel good in your hand and it performs a good trim, as long as you are pleased with the six-length settings.

While other models come with much more length settings, many are suitable for the 6 on Wahl’s model. This is a good choice for those shopping on a budget at half the cost of other options on the market. All in all, this trimmer is a good help for a man’s collection of grooming tools.

Remington Beard Trimmer: Remington MB4700 (Mustache, Beard & Stubble Trimmer)

Buy a Remington beard trimmer and trim your facial hair with absolute precision and personalization. The MB4700 Trimmer uses a motorized comb that moves in increments of 0.1 mm (0.4-18 mm) to provide up to 175 length settings.

To turn it on, just pick up the trimmer and restore the previous setting of the length you used. The memory function is the perfect way to achieve your signature look every time.

The trimmer senses your face hair level and density and sets speed accordingly with Auto Turbo. It offers a personalized, trimming experience. The touch screens on the trimmer provide you with intuitive control over settings. Beard trimmer how to use them perfectly.

The lithium rechargeable battery provides unlimited power for up to 50 minutes. The trimmer is also washable so that your look is always new.

Features of MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

This trimmer doesn’t come with any attachments, but you can still use it to trim your beard at many lengths. It just might be a little more difficult for men with really long beards to achieve optimal results since there aren’t any beard guard combs available with the purchase.

Instead, this trimmer relies on memory settings and the slide switch to handle all the length variations you have in mind.

Basically, a small onboard computer fitted in remembers your ideal length of hair and ensures the trimming blades stay there every time you switch on them. You can set various lengths quickly and it can be accurate up to 0.1 mm increments.

If you are a guy with a small beard or some short stubble, we would suggest this trimmer to you. This device is perfect for cutting a tiny layer of hair instead of a big beard. This trimmer is simple to use, and instead of hand buttons, it has a digital touch screen.

The not-so-satisfying thing is you will need to keep this periodically charged because it has only about 50 minutes of battery time. They also fit the trimmer with a turbocharged motor which can be faster or slower according to the thickness of your beard.

The Bottom Line

The Remington Trimmer is a revolutionary trimmer suitable for a man with a short and not a long beard. It’s expensive, so we would be careful if you would grow your beard at any point. This is more of a professional tool for people who are adamant they won’t change their minds and know exactly what they want.

Second-best beard trimmer: Philips Norelco 7200 Series (Best vacuum beard trimmer)

Philips Norelco beard trimmer is considered the best beard trimmer for long beards and is made for convenience which every man searches for. The foremost factor of this trimmer that catches everyone’s eyes is its first trimmer which came with an integrated vacuum.

Vacuum catches mostly all of your trimmed hairs, making post-trim clean-up fast and easy. This is the best cheap beard trimmer that we included in our list. Also, check for cheap gym bags for men here.

Also, you do not have to worry about leaving any facial hair out of the sink. This is the most relaxing thing for any male. The build of Philips Norelco isn’t ordinary, but super stylish, and super powerful.

It makes its way into every male basic grooming kit and also in our roaster of an overall best beard trimmer. An upgraded pick of the same make is Philips Norelco 7500 beard trimmer review which is considered to be the best men’s hair cutter in 2020.

Trimmer Overview:

The contour head attachment of the trimmer works perfectly to customize any beard style; it moves smoothly through the face to reach any region. This also stops it from jerking to avoid inflammation.

We are also pleased to see the self-sharpening blades which keep the base functioning effectively with no frequent oil tune-ups. However, the turbo-button feature speeds up blades and a fan to cut thicker hair faster and more reliably. With up to 18 full-length settings from 1 mm to 18 mm, Philips Norelco is good for modern-day Vikings.

Why we love this trimmer

Philips remains every buyer’s favorite because of the three obvious advantages it provides:

  1. It comes up with a radial dial that helps you to conveniently choose lengths as short as 0.5 mm (and in 0.5 mm increments up from there), making it flexible;
  2. A vacuum suction features that collect most of your shaved hair — up to 90% according to the product, but who knows it? All we could say is, it’s a godsend. No man likes to clean his stubble out of the sink, the main problem this trimmer solves; and
  3. While they normally make most of the trimmers of polished chrome plastic, in this product, they use real steel. This offers a sleek and appealing finish to the trimmer. In fact, we’re pleased with this trimmer has a comfortable grip.

Whether it’s razor or beard trimmers, because of a hand slip, there’s always a fear of overdoing it. However, the firm grip here limits the chances.

The major advantage we see is its great battery capacity because it is supported by the best lithium-ion battery charging system, which delivers up to one hour of non-disrupted usage.

The Bottom Line: 

The Philips 7200 Trimmer is swift and convenient and offers numerous useful features for a quicker and better beard-trimming experience. This product keeps your hair trimmed like a gentleman at a modest price. A long-life battery and 20-length settings are just a few of the highlights. When you buy a Philips hair cutter, it will feel as good as it trims.

Also consider: Philips Norelco OneBlade (Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver)

Philips Norelco hair cutter is versatile for trimming the face & body and many-body hair. This hybrid tool is good to consider for those who require a trimmer that is multi-functional.

OneBlade multi-directional trimmer comes with both shaving and trimming properties. It will satisfy every need for facial styling and quickly proved to be one of the best cordless trimmers. The OneBlade Face + Blade, is upgrading the ante and fits with a full body groomer for men (aka manscaping).

It works both in wet and dry conditions, clean it underwater, or shave it in the shower — don’t submerge it in the water. The Philips OneBlade comes with two interchangeable blades (each for face and body), combs for different lengths of trim, and a guard to trim around sensitive areas.

They design the blade to cut, comb, and even shave your face, although it is advised to use a separate shaver.  As it does not shave as close as possible unless you want the stubble look. But to use it is convenient as it does not absolutely pull out hair.

Trimmer Performance:

  • The innovative OneBlade shaving technology combines a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) with a dual protection system to provide successful relaxed shaving on longer hairs. This trimmer is not too close to shaving, so your skin stays relaxed.
  • Click the button for a fast and smooth trim on one of the trimming combs for the face or body. After a 4-hour charge, the Lithium-Ion battery offers 60 minutes of runtime. Forget to use any other device.
  • OneBlade Face + Body trimmer includes 1 handle-face blade-body blade, 4 face stubble combs, 1 skin guard, and a body comb.
  • Please trim in the comb’s direction teeth for the best results. Try to keep the blade surface smooth against your skin. Put the small plug into the trimmer and plug it into any 120V AC outlet.
  • According to the brand, each blade will last up to four months depending on how often you use it. Replacing a two-pack blade is not inexpensive, so maintaining this product would cost more.

What did we like about the OneBlade?

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer is a design that will be best for a very specific set of uses. Who’s made it for? To those who cannot use a razor. This is mostly if you’re concerned about bumps on the razor.

If you want a shave closer than hair clippers, but far from a good foil shaver. The OneBlade is almost perfect. The blades do not last as long as the blades of the clipper, but they are not as costly as shaver foils.

The other case for which it is perfect is to trim the stubble. With the short 1 mm comb, you can keep some slightly scruffy face fuzz, but with the bare blade you can quickly clean up around the edges. All of this with one trimmer.

The Bottom Line

Besides its good trimming capabilities, if you prefer a close shave, the OneBlade could become your new go-to shaver. It’s perfect for sensitive skin because it doesn’t shave too close to the face.

It is a small price to pay to keep your skin clear of discomfort. At, $24.95 the hybrid styler from Philips is a reasonably priced and versatile shaver.  It will give you a good close shave and even trim hairs on your face.


The Best Trimmers for Men in 2022
Why Use a Beard Trimmer?
Features of Beard Trimmers You Should Look For

The Best Cheap Beard Trimmer: Last thoughts

Trimmer for men

Beards have always been an emblem of masculinity from the very beginning of human history. Egyptians view a beard as a mark of wealth, while in Asia mustaches and beards were a sign of royalty.

Now also, growing a macho beard &mustache is a dream of every man. But a full-grown beard is easy to grow, but it needs some serious dedication to maintain it. It is a lot like managing the hair atop your head. It needs sculpting, trimming, and nourishing to stay healthy and stylish.

While razors are perfect for getting a clean shave look but that is not the case here. If you want to look flawless with your beard it needs serious work. Keeping your unrivaled machismo in mind, we suggest you buy a good trimmer that keeps you from looking prehistoric.

Why Use a beard trimmer?

A beard trimmer is good for grooming and will help you clean up your chunky beard to look clean and professional, instead of giving that false look. It can also give you a closer trim that will make you look well-balanced without being shaved cleanly.

What’s the best part? Apart from being convenient and flexible, beard trimmers are also easy to use.

However, before we tell you the entire list of good beard trimmers, let’s start with what to look for in a trimmer for particular your use.

There are plenty of different options for which make beard trimmer unique, but surely not all of them are made equal.

Features of the best beard trimmer you should look for:

Observe these criteria we’ve compiled to look for in different facial beard trimmers. To simplify, we have done the hard work for you. If you get your selection narrowed down to a beard trimmer this will help you on all or most of these aspects.

The Blades

The stainless steel, chromium, and titanium blades are more effective and robust than the blades of other types. Some beard trimmers, including more expensive ones, have two-edged blades that provide extra cutting precision (and allow you to fine-tune your beard with ease).


Your trimmer has to be travel-friendly if you spend a lot of time on the road. Portability is an important factor. Travel-friendly trimmers should also come with long battery life and could easily charge. In most cases, when you travel, cordless trimmers are easier to take away, but a charging source is hard to access.

Build Quality

Surely this is an important thing to look at. What is the best beard trimmer in the world to use if it breaks in just a few uses? Try to find one that will serve you carefully for the long term.

Cord or Cordless

It’s a matter of absolute choice. Do you have a comfortable socket in your bathroom that suits you well? If it doesn’t matter to you to maneuver around the cord while washing and cleaning. Then cord trimmers are good. But if you want to be portable and relaxed, wireless versions can be a better option.

Dry Vs Wet Trimming

You could use trimmers in wet and dry applications, i.e. in the shower or with shavings, lotions, or foams. The biggest benefit of water-resistant trimmers is it’s easier to clean. You just need to wash your hair dry with water to remove excess hair trim. This comfort is difficult to resist.


Know for which purpose you will use your trimmer. Is this only for your beard, or you trim the other parts of your body for which you will use it too?

A multi-purpose trimmer is good to have because it has a wider range of length settings. Which is good to trim your body, head, and beard hair? For example, the Philips Norelco OneBlade trimmer has 19 settings and is useful for trimming the chest and other hairs of the body part.

Length Settings

Do you like a nice long beard or want to keep it short? Make sure they tailor the length choices to your needs. The best way to do this is to choose a trimmer that has various length options which you could change as you like and give any look you want.

Selecting a good trimmer is essential if you care a lot about yourself. Also good daily trimming routine makes you look like the epitome of manliness.

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