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Is it worth to buy backpack for camera

is it worth to buy backpack for camera

Is it worth to buy backpack for camera?

Yes, a camera backpack can be a worthwhile investment for many photographers, as it provides a convenient and safe way to carry and organize your gear. However, it’s important to choose a backpack that is well-made, comfortable, and fits your needs.

More factors

  • Your photography equipment: If you have a lot of gear, such as multiple cameras, lenses, and accessories, a backpack is a great way to keep everything organized and protected.
  • Your photography style: If you enjoy outdoor photography, hiking, or traveling, a camera backpack is essential for keeping your gear safe and accessible on the go.
  • Your budget: Camera backpacks can range in price from less than $50 to several hundred dollars, so it’s important to consider how much you’re willing to spend.

As a photographer who is serious about their work, it can often become difficult to carry all that costly equipment. Finding a backpack for cameras and lenses is of utmost importance with all the traveling a photographer undertakes. Also, understand travel backpack is different from a backpack that is designed specially to carry your DSLR camera and lenses. So it is important to choose a bag that is specially designed to carry your gear. Let’s find out more.


Camera equipment and lenses are not at all cheap, so to make sure they are not damaged during transportation, get a back of good quality. Quality is the only predictable aspect of backpack shopping, as we know everyone’s needs are different.

The choice of whether to get a sling bag, messenger bag, backpack, or cubes is up to individuals.

There are many ways to carry your photography gear, as some may even prefer to go bagless. But we have researched greatly into the topic and can say that the bags we have listed are some of the most convenient ways to carry your camera. Here are some of the best backpack for camera and lenses available in the market:

Everyday Sling Bags

Backpack for Camera and Lenses

As a way to carry your camera, slings bags are excellent. They’re not just a fashion statement, but handy to store a camera as well. Traditional sling bags come in different sizes, 3, 6, and 9 liters, and should be chosen according to the size of the equipment. The best about these slings is they can be used as messenger bags as well.


The straps of a sling bag are adjustable so you can also wear them as a waist pack. With a soft lining to keep your camera and lenses safe, as well as adequate space for other accessories, it is no wonder that many photographers choose this bag to carry their equipment to different venues.


Sling bags are also very comfortable, and can be worn for a long period. The hands-free operating system of normal sling bags along with their ‘pull and swing’ make for an overall great experience for amateurs as well as professionals.

CADeN Camera Backpack Bag Professional for DSLR/SLR

Everyday Backpacks

Backpacks are generally preferred by photographers who have a long way to go or a great deal to carry. The average backpack can carry more than twice the amount of a sling bag, so there is a lot of space for all your equipment.

The weight distribution also makes you feel better on your back rather than on one shoulder.

Backpacks are used by people of all professions, so carrying a backpack means it won’t be obvious you’re carrying a camera. Not to mention that backpacks come in various attractive colors and designs. You can also carry laptops and chargers along with your lenses, all in one bag.

What to look for?

But choosing the best backpack for cameras and lenses can be complicated with so many options available. The backpack should be sturdy, reliable as well as multifunctional, but not absurdly costly. So, look carefully through the different versions to make sure that your camera wouldn’t be damaged if kept in it.

Tactical Messanger Bags

Many photographers prefer the messenger bag to other carryons because of its inconspicuous look. But these bags can be very versatile as well, offering people exactly what they need. Messenger bags also work because they are very practical for everyday use. You can easily fit your laptop or tablet with a camera and lenses.


One positive side of using a messenger bag during your travels is that in some models you don’t have to open a flap to reach inside. Instead, there are zippers present which give better access to the compartment.

The messenger bags are also quite stylish so there is no need to forgo fashion for function.

While getting a messenger bag to carry your camera, it is important to check out all the compartments inside. Some also offer luggage pass-through straps so that you can put them on top of your trolley.

Expedia travel

Duffle Backpacks

Duffle backpacks are usually used by photographers when they have a top of pieces of equipment to carry. These bags are large and offer much-needed room for all your cameras and lenses.

These are especially valuable on long plane rides, but they might not be included in your carry-on. For those looking for a protective toolbox for their gear, duffle backpacks are the way to go.

Which one to take?

While getting a duffle bag for a long journey, make sure you choose one with good compartments. Many offer separate laptop sleeves and laundry pockets and other miscellaneous places to store everything.

Duffle backpacks are great because you can easily remove the backpack straps and convert them into a duffle. But carrying them as backpacks is much better for your muscles. Overall, a duffle backpack is a great choice for an adventure as they keep your equipment safe and dry.

Traditional Holsters

Holsters may have waned in popularity recently, but they would always remain a classic for a reason. Many may not choose holsters over more stylish alternatives like sling bags, but they have their appeal.

Especially when all you want to carry with you is one camera. Holsters are still available everywhere, and those with a minimalistic taste often prefer them to other bulkier options. The best way to not stress out about the equipment is to carry as little as required.


Most holsters can contain a camera with a medium-sized lens, with a few small pockets. Some also offer a way to keep your tripods with the straps, but it is important to be careful. Holsters have a rigid design which also makes sure that whatever you’re carrying will not get damaged.

Thus whenever you wish to travel light, just carry a holster for your camera and you will be good to go.

Camera Cubes

For the extremely organized ones, camera cubes are a relief from the nightmare that is packing the equipment. All you would need are packing cubes or “inserts” to pack your camera and lenses and put them inside a bag. And the best thing is you won’t need to buy a new bag.

The cubes are designed and constructed in a way that you will not hurt your camera at all. Usually, when people get packing cubes, they purchase from the same manufacturer so that the cubes fit. But you can also use the trial method to find out if other cubes also fit in your bag.

Check your needs before you buy

There are different available products in the market, and before buying you should check your needs. From the thickest dividers to floating pockets and various external loops, the possibilities are endless.

Summing up

There are many different kinds of backpacks for cameras and lenses available on the market. But apart from the quality, all you need to do is make sure your needs are met by the product that you are about to buy.

Your camera and lenses are like jewelry and they need containers that would keep them in pristine condition. So, choose the best bag accordingly.

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