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Tips on Parenting

tips on parenting

Even though everyone says new parents are busy, exhausted, and scattered, I was shocked to discover how true it is. During those first few blessed, beautiful months, some days drifted by in a blur of dirty diapers, sporadic naps, and crying fits — and the tears were not always my baby’s.

Thankfully, a handful of apps came to my rescue. We’re presenting the following list to other parents who might be feeling a tad overwhelmed by that new and rather demanding permanent houseguest. Here are some tips on parenting for those about to become parents!

Tips on Parenting: An Extra Set of Eyes

When my baby came along, everything changed. A tiny, precious life suddenly relied on me for everything, and stepping away for even an instant worried me. However, I found peace of mind in the form of Baby Monitor 3G. As Engadget notes, you need two devices to make this app work — one next to your baby and one that stays with you.

I had a spare tablet I could set up in the nursery and my smartphone made it easy to check in. The extra set of eyes put me at ease, whether it was time to do laundry or snag a quick bath.

If you don’t have a spare phone or even a first phone, check in with your community or with government programs for freebies. Among the new parent lessons, I also learned it really does take a village, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you aren’t sure where to turn, contact your local Extension Office or county government center for information on where you could pick up a free smartphone.

Was That This Morning?

Those first few months, I often found it hard to remember details and felt foggy more often than I felt sharp. Parents explain this is common for new parents — moms and dads alike —  due to sleep deprivation. One of my girlfriends turned me on to Eat Sleep, though, and the app helped me stay on top of things like diaper changes, feedings, and when my baby slept.

Milestones and Memories

Probably my favorite app is called BabyTime. It allows you to record information to share with others. There is a diary section for making notes about special moments, like when your infant first smiles and you can record health-related info like growth and medications.

Should I Call the Doctor?

I found myself questioning so much during those first few months. Why is my baby crying? Does that cough warrant a doctor’s visit? Is my child growing at a normal rate? Thankfully, there is an amazing resource in WebMD Baby. Just like the site I turn to when I have a question about my own health, this app helps me sort out my baby’s health needs.

Finding a New Home

With the arrival of my baby, I suddenly discovered that my house was starting to feel a little cramped. But how can you search for a new home when you’re trying to juggle everything else? I soon discovered the Redfin app, which allowed me to search local lists to find homes that struck my interest. I could also use the app to take virtual tours of homes, giving me a good idea of what properties looked like without ever setting foot inside. It may not sound like much, but it helped take some of the stress out of finding a new home for my family.

Staying Connected

These days, the internet is more important than ever – and that goes double for new parents. Whether you’re looking up symptoms, swapping tips and stories, or sending pictures of your little one, you need an internet connection that is quick and reliable. That’s where Tech Pro Daily comes in, offering you crucial info on the best modems and routers out there.

Starting Out Right

It’s a priority for me to teach my child the importance of our natural environment. With that in mind, I am already engaging my little one in the great outdoors. We do little things together, like sit outside and watch the bird feeder, and I read to my baby about plants and animals. Apps are helping me with this, too, since I stumbled onto a couple of nature-themed apps for kids that my infant and I just love.

Right now, we’re using Marco Polo Ocean. This app explores the sea and the creatures living there, and my child loves the bold graphics and lyrical descriptions. Toca Nature is another fun one.

Beautifully animated, it’s inclusion-oriented as well as nature-oriented, so I get to share key values with my baby right from the start. While these apps are designed for older children, I’m planting seeds now to set my child up for a healthy, productive, and positive life.

The Gadgets to Make Them Go

These wonderful apps need a couple of little things to keep them chugging along. I found keeping a well-packed diaper bag a must, and among the essentials is a phone charger, just in case.

That way, whether I was nursing in the wee hours or sitting at the pediatrician’s office (which can be very stressful if you don’t know what to expect), I had no worries about my phone giving out in the midst of recording key information.

Parents of today have unique advantages, thanks to apps like these. I’m not sure how previous generations managed without them, but I’m sure glad we have the technology. From tracking little things to sharing information and learning, these apps and gadgets have been oases when I needed them most.