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what is the best mattress to buy

What is the Best Mattress to Buy

Admit it, people are lazy. 90% of adult conversations are basically discussions about how sleepy and tired they are! The same laziness is channeled when we are looking for a perfectly comfortable mattress.

We kind of just sit by the side of the mattress, jump up and down, run our palms through the surface, and voila! If the softness and fluffiness are just right, we pick the mattress as our soulmate, else it could also become the reason for your back pain and that is why we recommended the best mattress for lower back pain.

According to experts, this is not the right way to choose a mattress.

Dr. Alen Hedge is a professor at Cornell University and also a renowned ergonomist. If you are wondering which mattress experts use and which mattress is good for your health, you have reached the right place.

According to Dr. Hedge, you must lie on the mattress and see how it handles the pressure of your body before deciding on one. So, just because you found a comfortable mattress doesn´t mean it’s the best mattress. Also, he says that Memory foam mattresses adjust to the shape of your body but it might also result in locking you in one position.

According to another research, other mattresses such as memory foam, polyurethane, and spring mattresses are not capable of diving the peak pressure uniformly through the body. Therefore, it will not be comfortable.

To add to this problem, Dr. Hedge warns that your body sheds lots of dead skin, which accumulates on the mattress and can invite dust mites. Therefore, over time there can be a huge nest of bacteria and fungi over your mattress that you should NOT be sleeping on.


Read for the best crib mattress here. So what is the best mattress to buy? The answer to this is a natural mattress. These eco-friendly mattresses are made of white resin collected from rubber tree.

Minimal processing is followed where the mattress is mostly handcrafted. In this way, a naturally breathable mattress is created which is both comfy and natural. The best aspect of these eco-friendly mattresses is that they uniformly distribute body pressure around the back and torso for a pleasant sleep.

Thus making them the best orthopedic mattress. The naturally breathable mattress is porous and does not contain any springs or foam to make it fluffy, therefore, it remains bouncy for a longer period.

Natural latex mattresses are also much more hygienic because they have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In this way, you will not be inhaling harmful disease-causing mites and germs while you sleep.

Thus, apart from being the best support mattress. These are also a much healthier and more durable option.

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