The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain – Analogy of Age & Back Issues

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best mattress for lower back pain

The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain; Analogy of Age & Back Issues

Are you a victim of lower back pain? And are looking for the best mattress for lower back pain? Starting the day with a stiff back and a tender spine, an intermittent pain that keeps you awake at night with you wondering how to sleep better?

This is not uncommon, especially if you are over 35 years of age. In fact, 42% (of which 60.9% are women) are prone to spinal pain and other back issues. Your age has a huge role to play here – this isn’t a myth but science. Buying an ideal mattress for back pain can therefore be a good investment.

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The Science Behind it

Our spines are made up of a stack of bones known as the vertebrae. In between every vertebra, there are joints to allow for movement and plasmid disks to absorb shock. These keep the bones apart, preventing friction between every individual vertebra.

A majority of women experiencing perimenopause and menopause struggle with back issues, while another study states smoking, alcohol consumption, and poor eating habits as other major causes of back and spine issues.

With age though, the disks start to shrink and the space around our spinal cord starts shrinking as well, leading to what is called spinal stenosis. This causes the bones to rub against each other, causing pain and stiffness.

Osteoporosis is another condition where the bone density goes down, making your spine vulnerable to fractures. Then there is arthritis, a condition where the joints between the vertebrae start degenerating.

Quite evidently, Dr. Robin Lustig from Lustig Healing Hearts, New Jersey, says that a dull backache can cause a series of spinal and neck joint issues.

How to prevent it?

Best mattress for lower back pain

The simple solution would be to just be more alert and cautious of your surroundings. Try to keep your back straight when you are sitting and take care that you do not slouch when you are standing. You should keep a check on your weight and maintain a healthy BMI, and needless to say, you must have a healthy balanced diet regularly.

However, while people do consciously – or unconsciously – take care of the points which are mentioned above they forget about doing the most essential activity right – Sleeping!

An average human spends one-third of their life in bed. Hence, the mattress that they use matters. Studies suggest using the right mattress lessens your chances of getting a chronic backache and improves sleep quality as well.

In 2003, a group of Spanish researchers identified that a medium-firm comfortable mattress is the healthiest. Around 82% of people using a medium-firm mattress in their study confirmed that their back pains reduced to almost nothing. The latex foam mattress is a recommended model according to the research.

The secret here is its body-friendly structure. As soon as you lie down, the mattress should embrace each and every curve of your body, taking shape so as to provide a pressure-free environment.

Find the best orthopedic mattress that reduces joint pain, provides body contouring for a comfortable sleep experience, and is firm enough to be ideal for everybody facing spine and back problems

We did a Purple mattress review as the best cheap mattress for its comfort, safety, and durability as their key traits. Also, we included the Nectar mattress review as our second-best cheap mattress. Read our full review for the best mattress for back pain here.

Do you know back pain is your biggest enemy?

Globally, sleep-related disorders are affecting the health of people like never before. These disorders are often linked to morbidity, back pains, insomnia, and mortality. If you have been complaining of backache recently, then one of the important places to check for a problem is in your bed.

Do you have the right one? If not then, an organic latex mattress is a good mattress for back pain. Apart from facilitating normal circadian rhythms and lessening your fatigue, it is designed to take care of your back as well. A naturally breathable mattress plays a responsible role in your overall wellness and therefore cannot be overlooked or neglected in any way.

Here, we will help you take a closer look at why the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers should make it to your mattress shopping list at the earliest.

Why do you need the best mattress to alleviate back pain?

A large majority of people waking up with a painful back are found suffering from chronic back pain. In general, this pain lasts for a minimum of three months. Regardless of whether you are suffering from lower or upper back pain, it would do you good to look for a mattress that is well-designed to support your back.

The best mattress for back pain is one that’s manufactured from high-quality, natural latex, supports your spine appropriately, and is recommended by medical experts for alleviating chronic backaches. A natural, high-quality foam mattress fits the bill perfectly.

Latex Foam Mattress Distributes Body Contact Pressure Effectively

A high-quality latex mattress takes care of the Body Contact Pressure (BCP). BCP measures the distribution of body weight all across the surface area of your body that is in contact with the mattress.

Choose the right natural mattress that has the ability to minimize the high-pressure points that are applied to your body. This way, you can alleviate back pain to a large extent.

The pressure sores that would otherwise develop on the areas where the pressure is most concentrated will also be reduced considerably, especially on your buttocks, shoulder, back, etc. This, in turn, impacts the quality of your sleep positively. You will be less lethargic and feel practically nobody stiffness for a whole day.

Do Not Use an Unsupported Mattress

When your mattress is unable to provide the support that is required for the recommended and appropriate spinal alignment, you will feel the additional strain on your spine and the muscles that surround it.

The wrong mattress will not allow for easy, comfortable sleeping positions and the back pain you suffer from will persist. Fortunately, relief is present in the form of an eco-friendly, best orthopedic mattress for you.

Way Forward

Mattresses that are highly recommended for those looking for easy ways to reduce back pain have been mentioned. Latex, considered to be superior and more popular than most other mattress qualities, is a supportive remedy for your lower, as well as upper back pain.

A natural latex mattress will conform to the natural curves of your body and showcase its ability to ‘push back, thus providing you with the right support needed while sleeping in any position.

Do assess your preference for the overall firmness of the mattress to support your spine alignment. This will go a long way in taking care of your back pain. Read more about the best mattress for lower back pain here.