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Can I carry baby stroller in flight?

can i carry baby stroller in flight

Can I carry baby stroller in flight?

Yes, most airlines allow you to bring a baby stroller as a checked item or as a gate-checked item. Some airlines may allow you to bring a stroller onboard as a carry-on item, but this can vary by airline and aircraft type. It’s best to check with the airline you’re traveling with for their specific policies on strollers.

If you plan to check your stroller at the gate, it will be taken from you at the boarding gate and returned to you at the aircraft door upon arrival. If you choose to check your stroller with your luggage, it will be handled like any other checked baggage.

It’s recommended to label your stroller with your name, address, and telephone number for identification purposes. Additionally, consider wrapping the stroller in a protective cover to help protect it from damage during travel.

The Baby Strollers

Baby strollers for infants to go for journeys in public transport, on holidays, especially if you are flying or traveling in a car. Read UPPA baby stroller reviews as our top pick and Babyzen Yoyo+ is our second choice. Keep reading to find all the affordable best stroller double.

Best Stroller Double – Uppababy Stroller Vista

“The high price tag gets you a bassinet and a car seat beside this lightweight stroller”. UPPAbaby Vista is our best stroller for toddlers with car seats and is also an Umbrella stroller. It is as comfortable as your baby lying on a crib mattress at home and that is why we have included it in our top pick.

The versatile UPPAbaby VISTA (baby stroller 3 in 1) could be transformed into any stroller, whether you are walking with an infant, siblings, or twins. It can also be turned into a dozen configurations and that is the reason it’s one of our best cheap baby strollers.


It is good as your family grows you could add a second seat— and even a glider to take a third child. VISTA frames and wheels have a robust suspension that ensures smooth handling over rough terrain, while a one-step, standing fold design makes it easy to carry and place a child. It has a flexible seat, a height-adjusting canopy, a flat recline, and a large space. No doubt, why it is one of the selling strollers in the market.

What do other parents think of UPPAbaby Vista?

There is a lot to admire in the new UPPAbaby Vista. The bassinet is suitable for longer shopping trips, and also lets your little one stretch out. It is perfect for changing the diaper so you can save yourself by using germ-filled public charging stations.

Another feature that parents love about VISTA is its huge sun canopy which is one of the largest storage baskets on the market. “It’s HUGE,” one customer says. “It easily fits 3 large bags full of groceries.”

Some people like how smooth and maneuverable the Vista is. Others feel like how easy it is to change the seating to a reclining position; the seat for a child is very secure, made with a design that allows fresh air to circulate through the back and it is sturdy so that the child’s back is protected. The walker never changes direction on his own, if anyone pushes it along making him feel safe.

However, some of our experts warn that this stroller won’t work with everyone, as this is a large and heavy stroller that doesn’t deliver convenience, for example, it won’t be easy to take it with self when traveling. And for many individuals, the cost is a problem. However, if you’re planning to have over one kid, Vista is one of the best expandable strollers.

The Bottom Line

The products of Uppababy always impress us with their high-performance strollers and car seats, accessories, and other baby equipment. Its products come with intuitive designs and implement clever innovations without which parents would soon realize that they cannot live.

With comfort and style, UPPAbaby focused on increased baby comfort and safety for mother and dad. And I can’t stress enough to say how much parents love this new limited edition and all its characteristics. 10/10 in quality!

Source: UPPAbaby

Best for Travel Baby Strollers: Babyzen yoyo stroller

A small, lightweight, functional stroller for toddlers for city dwellers and frequent flyers.

The BABYZEN YOYO+ is a small and lightweight baby stroller that is good for frequent rides. It weighs around 6.2 kg, which is fairly light to carry in the back of the car for traveling. Built for city living and everyday errands, suitable for children up to 6 months old, and has a maximum weight of 18 kg.

It is designed for the easy use of a removable and washable sitting pad with a 5-point harness, 4-wheel suspension, and a multi-functional reclining seat for dreamy naps. The parents want to have one-hand folding, unfolding, shoulder strap, and shopping basket, as well as a sun-protective canopy, which suits the most.

This baby stroller can be expanded with an add-on board that you can use to tote around your baby. BabyZen provides a car seat, the iZi Go ModularTM by BeSafe that is easy to connect to the stroller base and the attachments. No doubt it has been included in one of our best cheap baby strollers.

What do other parents think of Babyzen Yoyo+?

Most parents recommend YOYO+ to other parents who love to travel or who just want a simple yet compatible stroller. It is used by certain parents not only for travel but also for daily use because it is very practical. This works best in urban sites and narrow places (such as small shopping, restaurants, etc).

Another advantage is its lightweight structure which makes the YOYO+ very easy to carry with a shoulder strap. Some parents highlight that the frame is solid and strong; in spite of its very light design. It gives a good amount of sun coverage from the canopy.

Parents love its colors which give a beautiful feeling too. Folding and unfolding is a pain and takes a couple of seconds, whether you’re carrying the carrycot or the child seat attached to the frame.

The wheels roll smoothly, in particular on flat ground. This walker does not work very much on pebbles and harder terrain, but many parents emphasize that such a light walker is not for it, so it’s not a deal-breaker either.

BABYZEN YOYO+ is appreciated for its superb maneuverability, flexibility, and one-hand steering. Nothing is clever to recline the mechanism. It’s just a buckle and ties that some parents don’t like. The back of the seat is slightly low and the recline is quite deep.

The Bottom Line

In the stroller, YOYO+ looked comfortable and was secured with the harness. We were also shocked to see how stable this lightweight stroller was on different ground types–road, grass, stone, etc –as we thought that it might be difficult because the wheels didn’t look big.

YOYO+ is impressive as it folds so compactly and opens so quickly. The stroller is no more than only a small case which is ideal for small cars, on vacation, and in public transport.

Best Lightweight Baby Strollers and Car Seats: GB Pockit

The lightweight baby stroller from GB Pockit is the world’s smallest folding stroller which can be folded in a 12 “x 7” x 20 “handbag in just two steps. If you want a lightweight baby stroller, why not pick the most compact one?

The Pockit is perfect for places where you need to walk a large distance on foot and it is made compact such that it can easily be carried along in a car, or bus or could be stored in a corner of a cafe, as well as it stands independently with the ability to switch from pushing to carrying in seconds.

Even with its small size, the GB Pockit is designed for children from 6 months to 55 lbs. It’s available for a good price, but extras such as a sub-shield or rain cover must be purchased separately.

What do other parents think of GB Pockit?

Here is what parents like and dislike the most. Most of the parents have appreciated its bigger seat- babies fit in it comfortably. Eventually, the canopy does the job and blocks the sun (especially when the seat stands upright).

Compatibility with infant car seats is another plus. The reclining feature is a good addition, but some parents complain about the mechanism itself and its upright position – not very straight.

It is much heavy yet easy to carry than the original version. The tiny fold is ideal for traveling– it fits into the overhead and underneath the seat on most aircraft! However, a few customers complain that folding is not easy, some say that it takes a few attempts, while others say that folding is hard and slow.

It takes longer, especially at the start, and needs both hands. The pushchair feels more robust for some and others say that it is wobbly. The small storage basket (as with an original walker) is one of the drawbacks that customers mention.

The Bottom Line

This GB Pockit baby stroller is the smallest and most lightweight stroller out there, which is a bonus for those who are always on the run with their young baby. This lightweight and compact stroller give freedom to carry it along with you where you go.

Truly, it’s not possible to balance its unique features with other baby strollers– but it’s a big addition to your little one’s toys. This isn’t the only pushchair potentially for you. Yet it’s the one you want to take with you.

UPPAbaby G-Luxe best stroller double for Traveling

The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to tote around.

The G-LUXE UPPAbaby is a lightweight stroller that has a light aluminum frame, an adjustable canopy with a reclining seat, four double wheels, an underneath basket, and a foot brake. G-LUXE also has many functional features and is very versatile.

To start with, this slider can hold the weight of babies of up to 3 months and up to 55 lbs according to the manufacturer. The walk-in stroller is small and compact. It is only 19.5 “long and weighs 15 lbs.

This ensures that it can be lifted quickly and could be fitted in tight spaces. G-LUXE is portable and ideal for trips, but it is long enough to fit in the airplane compartment.

Folding is quite easy and doesn’t require feet to be used. It’s not a one-hand fold, yet very simple. When folded, G-LUXE will stand alone, since it is automatically closed. It also has a carrying harness/strap that makes the baby stroller very easy to carry. Some parents may wonder whether the straps are helpful.

In our opinion, yes because the weight of the stroller is not heavy and it could easily be carried on a shoulder. The great thing is that when G-LUXE is folded, it rolls. You can just roll up a folded stroller if you get tired of carrying it.

What do other parents think of UPPAbaby G-LUXE?

The main assets of GLUXE mentioned by other parents are: Most claimed that this baby stroller is great for holiday or business trips, as it is light and easy to carry, and its comfortable seat comes with a deep recline – good enough for a comfortable nap on the go.

In other parents’ words, it provides very good coverage if the canopy is expanded fully. It is easy to maneuver even on pebble ground and rolls very smoothly indoors and outdoors. G-LUXE is a fantastic baby stroller for big and old kids and gives the baby plenty of room to grow with a high canopy.

Many parents complained: after several months of using the wheels, the wheels started to crash and when you tried to open them, the folded design is sometimes stuck. A further downside stated by the parents is the brake: the flip flop is not pleasant and is difficult to release in any type of shoe. But, it doesn’t completely immobilize the stroller (although you can still move the stroller a few centimeters if the brake is applied).

The Bottom Line

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe packs a lot of punch with a few slight falls here and there and combines as many basic conveniences and features in just 15 pounds. The stroller is long-lasting, compact, safe, and comfortable. It becomes dirty, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when it comes to nurturing babies.

Baby Strollers that are dearest to every Mom and Dad in 2023?

When you have a baby things change. You take care of all the possible conditions. You start talking in months instead of years. You take care of laundry and bathroom conversations become normal.

And when you go out with your baby, you look for things on which your little one can feel secure and comfortable. That’s where the thought of getting a good baby stroller kicks in. One of the best stroller double for sure.

Being a mum or a dad, you start daydreaming and visualize yourself moving a stroller in a leafy park with SPF-protected sunshades. The stroller must have sleek aluminum wheels, an ergonomic chair design, and upgraded leather handles. This feeling is awesome and breathtaking.

But before living your dream and buying a travel-friendly stroller, for your little one to sit up and travel in the world near him. You need to do homework and study the places and ambiances, where you love taking your baby. A lightweight stroller that is compact and easily controllable can ease up things.

However, you need not be obsessed with travel to love a good getaway. A family holiday — whether a road trip to grandma’s house or overseas — is one of the great joys of life. It only takes planning and having a few pieces of kid gear that make life easier on the road. A good stroller that serves as a rolling home base (a sitting-napping-chilling spot) is a must for trips with younger babies.

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