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Should You Get an Office Chair with a Headrest

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Should I Get an Office Chair with a Headrest?

Ultimately, the decision whether to get an office chair with a headrest is a personal one that should be based on your individual needs and comfort preferences. You may want to try out different types of chairs to see which works best for you.

  1. Comfort: A headrest can provide additional support for your neck and head, which can help alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of strain or injury.
  2. Posture: If you tend to slouch or hunch over your desk, a headrest can help promote better posture by supporting the natural curvature of your neck and spine.
  3. Task-specific use: Consider the type of tasks you will be performing while sitting in your office chair. If you primarily use a computer or perform similar activities that require you to look down at a screen, a headrest may not be necessary. However, if you frequently need to lean back and take breaks from looking at a screen, a headrest can provide a comfortable place to rest your head.

Office Chair Best that Reclines for Good Posture: Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase has developed the design of this office chair just for the iPad generation. With a name like Gesture, there’s no doubt it is made to adapt to people’s changing postures in the workplace. The company calls it a system of interconnected parts–inspired by the human body–designed to support your every movement. It is also considered the best computer chair for long hours.

What we see first:

The gesture has three major interfaces: core, upper limb, and sitting interface. Unlike conventional chairs, the core interface of the gesture chair hugs the lower back when people recline. The upper limb interface allows people can get closer to a work area so they don’t fall on a computer. It also very well supports texting posture.

Eventually, the seat design automatically changes to ensure that you don’t sit on the border of your chair, which obviously raises tension in the lower back. The chair is made keeping in mind how modern human works. The goal of the GESTURE Chair is to help us work easier which it accomplishes fully and that’s the reason it’s one of our top picks for the best cheap office chair.

What we like:

Articulating Arms:

The Steelcase Chair has adjustable arms with four moving parts, and it allows them to be adjusted more easily than any other chair arms. You can keep them low and out-or you can lift them almost in the center of your body and get them in front of you. It also helps to act as elbow support. While working with a tablet or smartphone you won’t get any issues. How awesome these arms are being made, we can’t stress enough.

Synchronized Back and Seat:

The GESTURE chair’s seat and back move together to crawl you while leaning back or forth. The back of GESTURE gives you space to stretch so you’re flexible enough to lean farther away. The setting even tilts a little. But it doesn’t tilt nearly as much as the back. This smaller tilt will allow you to keep your feet planted on the floor and to create a sitting pocket so you will not feel that when you lean back you slip off your chair.

Flexible Seat Edge:

The seat of the GESTURE is adjustable in almost any position you may think of. Steelcase took comfort on the edges so you could relax while sitting. This is the best ergonomic office chair.

What we don’t like:

It is a decent chair with amazing adjustable armrests but is not for everyone. Some did not like the seat equally and some needed a little more lumbar support. It is also an expensive product, but it can be worth it if you are sure it fits your body type and posture.

We have found another flaw with its adjustment arms. Although it is the best, unfortunately–it is coated with a high-friction rubbery substance that pulls your skin off your forearms. Most of us like to put our forearm on the armrest while using the mouse, this might irritate you.

Final Thoughts: 

The Steelcase gesture is a good computer chair, but the chair shows how difficult it is to improve on the Leap. This solves the major problem which most have with the Steelcase Leap chair.

The over-designed backrest can “lag” or create noises but raises two other major issues: an overheating seat pan (with foam that feels strange to sit on) and overly high-friction arm caps. Unlike in the Leap, the curve of the backrest cannot be set up, so it gives you good lumbar support or it won’t–for us, it was too much, but we could live with it. This is the best office chair for under $200.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair: Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron is a Stalwart of the ergonomic seating world and is the best office chair that reclines.

What we see first:

The Aeron doesn’t have customers; it has fans. Not wanting to abandon them or confuse them, Herman Miller kept the shape and size of the back frame of the original Aeron. Sticking closely to the original style of the chair, the company worked to improve not change the chair.

The Aeron Chair still available in 3 sizes, made from Herman Miller’s patented Pellicle fabric, and kept exclusively sculptural, company has been remastered the chair to maintain its health-positive qualities while taking its overall design and features into the modern office.

Some reworked features include improved lower back support, new colors, a redesigned seat, specially designed zonal seating, and a lighter-weight model. In the remastering process, Don Chadwick cautiously adhered to the saying “addition through subtraction.” The chair remains true to the aesthetics and gets 10/10 in its value addition to the user.

What we like:

The Aeron Office Chair on sale has a sleek style and aesthetics at its finest. This is a good, comfortable, ergonomic chair to spend hours on. The popular silhouette is still recognizable from across the room, and the 12-year warranty guarantees you’ll sit comfortably for the next ten years.

What we don’t like:

It is tough to find flaws in a product. But some we found are: The Aeron comes in three sizes so some ergonomic adjustments might not fit you right if you choose the wrong size for your body type.

Another is that the initial investment is high and may seem daunting for some, but the health-positive effects later outweigh the discomforts that may arise with a less-priced alternative. The price could get lower but it isn’t.

Final Thoughts:

You will not find a better chair than Aeron. Its technology and robust strength keep it unbeatable in workplaces, and its extensive engineering lets you feel relaxed, alert, and efficient.

With this chair, Aeron continues the legacy as the classic Aeron began: a health-positive chair that is made for work. It is undoubtedly the best office chair designed ergonomically and is also considered the best computer chair for long hours.

Office Chair Best from Mr Miller’s: Herman Miller Sayl

“Not defined by boundaries”–Yves Béhar. Herman Miller Sayl chairs are known for their looks. But beyond looks, Sayl delivers healthy support and exceptional value.

What you see first:

The unframed 3D back helps you to stretch, move, and strike a good balance between comfort and support. The frameless back is free of hard edges and flexes to provide complete ergonomic support and movement, with elastolex foam and fabric seat it provides cushioning that fits into the outlines of your body.

The main area of attraction is Sayl’s unframed back and Y-Tower. That supports and creates striking visual aesthetics that shows the inspiration and the purpose of the designer. Sayl proves that a relatively priced cheap office chair could also be well built and provides sophisticated ergonomics, as innovative and as practical as it is creative.

What we like:

Sayl has a great number of adjustable characteristics. We then tested how flexible each of our office chairs is after our series of comfort tests. We concentrated in particular on how much you can adapt and change each chair’s backrest, armrests and seating. Sayl performed stellarly, earning a 9 out of 10 performance.

The backrest on this chair offers lumbar support, and we liked that you can move it up or down. The armrests on the version we tested are fully customizable, letting you move them up and down, closer or further to you, forward and back, and pivot them, although we weren’t the biggest fans of the raise and lower mechanism.

What we don’t like:

We didn’t really notice any major signs of damage after our testing process, though we could see the front padding of the armrests showing more signs of wear than some other models. The height adjustment lever also seems like it is a little flimsy.

Final Thoughts:

Sayl Office Chair is 93% recyclable and features a 12-year warranty (that many companies do not provide). Still, not many bells and whistles, but truly a great chair. If you are on average spending 4-5 hours a day in it (dividing time between home and work office), with an occasional 8-hour day. It continues to be comfortable and everything works as if we’ve just gotten it.

Best office chair in the budget range: HON Exposure

The Best Office Chair: Hon Exposure is our best-value option for under-price $200.

What you see first:

This chair comes in leather and fabric material and has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to adapt to anything you do. This HON Exposure high-back Task Chair is designed to provide comfort to any user with adjustments to height and depth, height/width, and synchro-tilt 2-to-1.

An adjustable lumbar control moves up and down to pinpoint the perfect spot for ergonomic lower back support. The product is made of high-quality materials to keep your chair rolling for years at such a low price. But it also keeps comes with a 5-year Limited warranty just in case something goes wrong.

Things we didn’t like:

Two things we noticed about this chair. It is very high and the seat is very firm. The height is 42.5” with the seat at its highest position, and at the lowest, it measures 20”. If you are tall and long-legged this chair will impress you but on the other, if you are small you might feel you are in the air all time.

(Note:  The standard seat height for most chairs is 18″). Regarding the seat cushion, it is a high-quality dense form and one of the firmest we’ve felt outside of a wooden chair.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the HON Exposure looks plain and simple not stylish as our other picks. But still offers all the basic features which you would expect from any office chair. It has a lumbar support mechanism, a firm seat, and a pneumatic seat height adjustment.

All which a user needs from a chair to sit calmly and work without interruption. It is an all-rounder and could go well with your workstation without breaking the bank.

Most Liked Office chairs that keep you working even after 9-5!

Furnishing an office is no easy job. There are so many points that you need to consider. From planning your office decor to selecting furniture that absolutely fits in the work culture.

But when you go to buy modern office furniture for your work area, choosing a comfortable yet stylish office chair gets very much important. It could let you win or lose the office race!

Because we all know how tiring it might be to sit on bad ergonomic office chairs for a long time. Thus long 8-9 hours of sitting on a good office chair can easily be spread out when one chooses to choose a product that offers comfort and convenience.

Sitting on a comfortable chair means more time to focus on the work and fewer breaks in between. This gives people efficiency and productivity in their work as they get the correct body posture and work longer without complaining of back pains.

Because these chairs are not just normal ones, they signify your power and position and allow you to relish the utmost comfort. That is why it gets so important to invest in this piece of infrastructure as it directs your staff’s energy in the workplace and subsequently gives them solace.

Last thought

It is not important to pick a luxurious or elegantly designed office chair; you can choose a decent and customized chair as per your need. The customization would offer you to select an ideal seat material, cushioning, backrest system, and so many more items like that.

The Bottom Line

In our crusade of selecting the best office chair, we have revised some of the selling office chairs in the market. Picked out some by hand and reviewed them all and test their performance side-by-side with a panel of judges rating the comfort level, durability, adjustability, and ease of assembly of each chair.

After getting much analytics and listening to panelists, then only we have presented you with these chairs. Our selection is diverse; we have selected the best from each category–and distinguish each chair based on its design/comfort/design.

With surety, these office chairs will experience a level of comfort and ease that you won’t regret. Please let us know to us in what way any of these chairs helped you to work without intervention.

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