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When Should You Change Your Baby’s Car Seat?

when should i change my baby's car seat

When should I change my baby’s car seat?

It is generally recommended to change your baby’s car seat as they grow and reach certain milestones, as well as based on the car seat’s expiration date and condition. Here are some guidelines to help you determine when to change your baby’s car seat:

  1. Age and weight: As your baby grows, it will reach a weight and height limit for its current car seat. Once they reach the maximum weight or height limit, it’s time to change to a larger seat. Most car seats are designed for infants up to 22-35 pounds and toddlers up to 65 pounds.
  2. Outgrown the seat: If your baby’s head is within an inch of the top of the seat or their shoulders are above the highest harness slot, it’s time to change to a larger seat.
  3. Expiration date: Most car seats have an expiration date, usually 6 to 10 years after the manufacturing date. After this date, the seat may no longer provide proper protection in the event of a crash.
  4. Condition: Check your car seat for any cracks, breaks, or missing parts. A damaged or worn car seat may not provide adequate protection for your baby.

It’s important to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for each car seat you use and to make sure the seat is properly installed in your vehicle.

Introduction to Best Baby Car Seat

It is not easy to travel when you are a parent of a newborn. The normal car seats are not a safe place to keep your baby or sit and travel while holding an infant. The baby car seats can click in and out of an installed base in the car and it makes it quite easy to get a baby into a stroller with no disruption.

Considering high safety, design, and comfort features, we have listed down the Graco car seat 3 in 1 and our top pick is Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat for newborns.

Graco car seat 3 in 1: SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco car seat 3 in 1 is sleek, lightweight, and one of the best cheap baby car seats available in the market today. The baby car seat has a 3-step installation rear that is quite hassle-free, besides offering protection to infants.

The rapid removal cover facilitates quick and easy cleanup.

The head must be more than 1 inch from the top of the headrest car seats. The seat of Graco is snug and the removable cushioning gives a cozy ride experience to newborns.

Graco comes with an adjustable harness system that is simple and reliable. A rethreading safety core provides more safety by absorbing frontal crash forces. The adjustable base consists of 4 recline positions.

Moreover, this quite brilliant infant car seat has a bubble level indicator that is easy to read and also has a rotating canopy with a window. A visor also exists which provides shade and sun protection for the infant. Carrying babies around requires a lot of stuff, thankfully, at least one gear piece of this car seat is lightweight.

The unique SnugLock technology facilitates a secure installation with a simple push. This baby car seat involves click-connect technology that provides a secure one-step attachment to all the possible Graco Click strollers.

Consequently, one can create a custom travel system according to one’s lifestyle. While this carrier is compatible with all strollers of Graco, an adaptor will be required for other brands.

Its weight is 18.8 pounds with dimensions of 29.1 x 18.3 x 16.2 inches. The minimum weight recommendation for this product is 18.8 pounds, while the maximum weight recommendation is 35 pounds, and is priced at an inexpensive tag of around $149.


  • SnugLock Technology with a 3-step installation rear
  • A safe adjustable harness system
  • Adjustable base laden with 4 recline positions
  • Canopy with a window that rotates
  • Seat cushion that is machine washable
  • Graco click feature

Why do we recommend buying it?

  • Provides soft comfortable cushioning
  • Easily latches into modern cars
  • The removable newborn insert lends support to the heads and necks of infants
  • Meets or even exceeds standards of safety
  • Really affordable price

What are its Cons?

  • It can make a false clicking noise when it isn’t properly attached
  • This car seat has a loose fit with a base that isn’t secure
  • The small canopy that does not cover the baby from each and every angle possible
  • Inability to make use of old base
  • The seat can overheat which can be very uncomfortable for the baby


Conclusion: Graco car seat 3 in 1 SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat is a really affordable product offering. With a price that is relatively low, this baby car seat does not disappoint when it comes to its features. If you are looking for a good quality baby car seat at an inexpensive price, then there is no better choice than the Graco car seat.

Best pick: Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat for newborn

Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat for newborns is a high-quality one of the best cheap baby car seats that come with innovative features. This baby car seat consists of a 5-point harness which can be adjusted with one hand. Furthermore, it has full-body inserts for newborns weighing around 4-11 pounds which can efficiently protect them.

We prefer Chicco KeyFit 30 due to its high convenience and easy usability. The design is rather simple but nevertheless highly accurate. It is for sure, the best infant car seat.

Chicco KeyFit 30 has consistently ranked as one of the safest baby car seats for toddlers in government front-impact crash testing. It has spring-loaded and ReclineSure leveling along with a foot leveling that operates along with bubble levels to achieve a proper base angle.

It has two easy-to-read bubble-level indicators that give an accurate verification of the base angle. Chicco KeyFit infant car seat also has a force-multiplying lightener that helps achieve a secure fit.

It can handle a minimum weight of 4 pounds while the maximum weight recommendation is 30 pounds. Priced at around $199.99, the weight of this baby car seat is 17.15 pounds and its dimensions are 27.5 x 17 x 24 inches.

There is also the option for parents to purchase convenience add-ons which further enhances the level of comfort for the little one.

Some stand-out features

  • Spring-Loaded leveling
  • RidweRight bubble levels indicator
  • Force-multiplying SuperCinch latch tightener
  • One-pull harness

Why do we recommend buying it?

  • Very easy to install
  • Convenient for premature infants
  • Offers impressive safety as proven by crash testing
  • Significantly lightweight which makes it easy to carry around
  • It is very stroller friendly
  • Recommended by neonatal intensive care unit nurses
  • Easy to wipe clean

What are its Cons?

  • The cushions can make the baby sweat after prolonged use


Conclusion: Chicco KeyFit 30 is, without a question, the best baby car seat globally right now. It is a premium quality infant car seat that outsmarts its competitors on many fronts. If you are a person who desires the highest standards of quality, then this baby car seat is for you. Quite expensive, but, it is worth it.

Source: ChiccoUSA

Also consider: Britax B-Safe 35 best car seat convertible

With crash ratings similar to Chicco KeyFit 30, Britax B-Safe 35 is another baby car seat that rates high on efficiency. The unique selling point of the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is its high level of safety.

It consists of a side impact protection and a steel frame that provide premium-quality safety plus a SafeCell Impact Protection which is an integrated system of top-level safety components (an impact-absorbing base enhances safety even further). Also, it has a deep shell along with energy-absorbing foam that significantly increases side-impact protection.

Britax B-Safe 35 meets the safety standards per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The installation is not at all a difficult thing with this infant baby car seat. Britax B-Safe 35 comes with a safe centre latch which effectively secures the baby car seat.

Besides offering impressive safety, the baby car seat did not fall short in offering comfort, in our testing. It has spring-assisted recliners which let the baby enjoy relaxation.

The car seat has four harness heights for the growing baby. This enables the parents to select the appropriate height for their loved ones. This best infant car seat also has a head pad as an extra cushion which is removable. In case the seat gets dirty after long use, cleaning can be done with ease.

One can safely wash the seat with cold water and soap without any worry. The dimensions of Britax B-Safe 35 are 26.5 x 17.75 x 25 in. It comes in raven colour and has a weight of 12 lbs. Priced at around $199, the minimum and maximum weight recommendations of this infant car seat are 4 lbs and 355 lbs respectively.


  • An impact-absorbing base
  • Safe centre latch
  • Recline that is spring assisted
  • Smart design-controlled shell
  • Four harness heights feature

Why do we recommend buying it?

  • A very attractive design
  • Safety features which reflect high-quality standards
  • Easy installation of the car seat
  • Several associated accessories
  • Safe to wash with cold water and soap

What are its Cons?

  • Adjusting the harness is a bit flawed
  • The size of the cradle in the shell is small


Conclusion: Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is a tempting product offering that is worth purchasing. Among its competitors, it is certainly a force to be reckoned with. As far as safety is concerned, it is hard to find a baby car seat that can match its standards.

Upgraded pick: Car Seat Stroller Doona (best car seat convertible)

Stroller car seat Doona is the best car seat for newborns with a base and is a comprehensive all-in-one baby car seat. It has impressive dimensions of 40 x 32.3 x 17.3 in. It comes in blue colour with a maximum manufacturer recommended weight of 10 lbs. The weight of the stroller happens to be 14.3 lbs. Furthermore, it has plastic wheels.

Doona is an expensive infant car seat that is priced at $499.00. Before you run away after hearing this hefty price tag, let us inform you about the various perks associated with this car seat. Doona is a unique first-of-its-kind infant seat.

It is a baby car seat that can immediately transform into a stroller at the mere click of a button. In order to get into the car, the legs and wheels of the stroller pull simply by clicking a button. This makes it an ultimate, all-in-one technological system.

Doona Infant Car Seat with Base comprises a 5-point harness and an adjustable handlebar. Furthermore, inside the car, it can act as an anti-rebound bar. This infant car seat also offers considerable safety with its 3-layer side impact protection.

The fabric of Doona is easily removable and washable. The car seat comes with a TUV and FAA Aircraft approval for the purpose of travel. The materials used here are safe for babies and the textiles are of a breathable nature.

Doona is quite ideal for city dwellers who need to quickly access and exit various means of public transportation on a regular basis. If you look deeply, actually Doona is three-in-one rather than two-in-one. This is because it can be used as a baby rocker as well. In spite of all its glorious features, Doona has a few downsides.

One of its notable flaws is that it can only hold a maximum of 35 pounds, which means that a child can outgrow it very quickly.

Important Features

  • Simple motion operation and transformation from car seat to stroller
  • 5-point harness
  • The handlebar is of adjustable nature
  • 3 Layer Side Impact Protection
  • Removable fabric

Why do we recommend purchasing it?

What are its Cons?

  • Limited age span as the baby can outgrow it very quickly
  • It is not manoeuvrable enough to be an everyday stroller
  • It cannot recline due to the design

Conclusion: Doona Infant Car Seat with Base is a top-notch all-in-one product offering. Its whopping price may discourage some buyers, but Doona is certainly worth it. It efficiently justifies this massive price tag with its set of innovative and useful features.

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