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3 Ways About How to Hide Apps on iPhone

how to hide apps on iphone

Apple provides its users with a plethora of personalization options and allows them to manage the apps on their iPhones. However, one feature that has been missing from iPhones is the ability to hide installed applications or simply make them private so that others cannot access them. Let’s find out how to hide apps on iPhone?

How to hide apps on iPhone

While Apple devices lack a dedicated feature for doing so, it is still possible to hide an app from view or to make it private. If Apple makes it simple to manage your iPhone’s apps. You can reorganize your apps into different pages and folders, as well as delete those you never use.

Unfortunately, Apple does not permit you to hide an app or otherwise make it private so that only you can find it. However, there are some simple workarounds you can use to keep certain apps hidden. That’s great if your goal is to hide apps you never use so they don’t get in your way. Let’s keep reading about how to hide apps on iPhone.

how to hide apps on iphone
how to hide apps on iphone

Hide apps on your home screen in folders

Rather than keeping all of your apps in plain sight – and somewhat disorganized at that – you can organize some or all of them into folders. Of course, this isn’t the same as hiding apps completely, but it does remove apps from view.

You can also hide apps by moving them past the first page of a folder. Because a folder can display up to nine apps per page, an effective strategy for hiding an app is to fill the first page with apps you frequently use, and store apps you want to keep hidden on pages two, three, or more.

Tap and hold the app until it jiggles. Then drag it to the right edge of a folder to bury it deeper in the folder’s back page; drag it to the left edge to bring it forward to the front of the folder.

While you can store up to 9 apps on a folder page, you don’t have to – you can store any number of apps on each page, so you can store as few as one app per page, across a dozen pages, in the same folder if you want.

Hide apps from search results

While moving apps deep into folders will keep them out of the way and out of sight of anyone casually browsing your iPhone, you should be aware that these apps will still appear in searches.

That is a useful feature – no matter where you store an app, you can run it quickly by opening Spotlight search and tapping out the app’s name.

You can disable the app’s appearance in search if you don’t want it to appear in search, but you must do so one at a time.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Select “Siri & Search.”
  3. Scroll down to the app list and select the app you want to hide from the search.
  4. Disable “Siri & Suggestions.”
  5. Deactivate “Show App.”

Important to remember

Now, the iPhone will try to act as if the app isn’t installed – you won’t see it if you search for it in Spotlight search, and Siri won’t make any app-related suggestions.

Even if you follow all of these steps, your app will not be completely hidden. It can be found hidden in a folder by a diligent detective, and there are other clues as well.

If you search for the app in the App Store, for example, you won’t be able to re-install it; the store will indicate that the app is already installed on your phone. However, until Apple provides a way to truly mark apps as private, this is the closest you will get.

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