5 Ways to Download Video from Twitter

Twitter is a popular platform. It is a place to get your voice heard. Twitter users share a wide range of content. And if a video strikes a chord with you as a user, you’ll want to share it with others! The application, however, does not allow you to download twitter video. Here’s how to download video from twitter

However, what if there was a simple way to download video from twitter? Twitter videos can be easily downloaded to your desktop. A couple of websites make it very simple to download Twitter videos. The websites like Twitter Video Downloader and Save Tweet Vid make it easy to download Twitter videos.

  1. Copy the direct link to the video you want to download from the tweet.
  2. Go to the websites Save Tweet Vid or Twitter Video Downloader. Click on Download.

Both websites offer varying levels of download quality. You can adjust the video quality as needed and then click the Download button, which is located next to the file size.

download video from twitter
download video from twitter

Download Twitter Videos on Android

To download Twitter videos, first, download the Download Twitter Videos application on your smartphone. Here’s what you should do next:

  • Click on the video you want to save.
  • Tap the Share button, then choose Copy the link to Tweet.
  • Now, navigate to the Download Twitter Videos app and paste the link there. Then, in the bottom right corner of the page, click the download button.

The video will start to download. You can either open the application or select the video you want to watch, or you can open the application and select the video you want to watch.

Download Twitter video on iOS

To download the video to your iPhone, you must first install the Documents by Readle or My Media application. After that, proceed as follows:

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone and navigate to the Tweet containing the video you want to save.
  2. Tap the Share button, then copy the link to Tweet.
  3. Now, on your iPhone, launch the My Media or Documents by Readle app.
  4. A browser icon will appear in the bottom right corner. It will take to an in-app browser.
  5. Open the website by typing www.twittervideodownloader.com into the browser.
  6. Paste the copied URL link into the box and press the Download button. A new download link will appear. Tap on Download the File.

The app will save your video.

Download Twitter Gifs or Videos using the Chrome Extension

Using the Google Chrome extension, you can easily download Twitter videos.

  1. Navigate to the Chrome web store and look for the Video Downloader Professional extension.
  2. Next, click the ‘Add to Chrome button to install the extension on your Chrome browser.
  3. Now, open Twitter in Chrome and navigate to the video in the DM section that you want to download.
  4. When you play the video, a notification will appear on the Video Downloader Professional extension.
  5. When you click on it, the extension will give you the option to download the video in various file sizes. The video will be downloaded.


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